#00738 –Tech Team #738 Professional Garden Gate Maker Kit

#00738 –Tech Team #738 Professional Garden Gate Maker Kit

Tech Team’s #738 Anti-Sagging, Welded Steel Corner Bracket Gate Maker Kit with Exclusive Deep Socket Design, Makes a Perfect Garden or Picket Fence Gate, 4 Corner Brackets and Heavy-Duty Hinges Included




-Tech Team’s #738 Gate Making Kit allows the average handyman to make a perfect gate for a quick,easy, do it yourself project that yields professional results. A beautiful gate can be built with only simple hand tools such as a crosscut saw, drill driver, #2 Phillips bit, and 1/8” drill bit. The only other thing you need is some 2×4 lumber to make the frame, pickets, and a box of screws to complete your project.

– The exclusive deep socket design securely holds 2 x 4 lumber.  Heavy duty welded steel construction with a durable, powder coated finish insures a rugged sag-proof gate. Supports gates up to 50 lbs.

– Hinges and detailed instructions with pictures included.

Product Details

Gates can sag over time, making opening, closing, and latching them a daily fight.  The Tech Team #738 Gate Maker Kit has an exclusive deep socket design that securely grips standard 2×4 lumber available at Lowes or Home Depot for a sturdy gate that won’t sag.  The kit is made from heavy-duty welded steel with a durable, powder-coated finish for years spent out in the elements.  The kit comes with four (4) sockets and two (2) hinges.  The heavy duty welded steel corner brackets are superior to any other brackets because they have deep sockets that lock the 2×4 lumber solidly in place. This makes a far more rigid 100% sag resistant corner joint. This prevents sagging and dragging. The system is adjustable for gates up to 72” wide and will perfectly fit any existing gate opening every time.

If you currently have a sagging, dragging, or damaged gate, this is the perfect repair solution. It will straighten, square up, and strengthen old, tired, and sagging garden gates and wood farm gates. It is also a great accessory for building shed doors, driveway gates, and any other structure where a perfectly square wood opening is required. Perfect for left or right swinging gates.



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