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Tech Team Products About Us:

Just as the name implies, Tech Team is a dedicated team with almost 50 years’ experience in tool, hardware, and related fields. Tech Team is dedicated to designing and building the best possible product and best value in a given category. Many of our products reflect how basic products manufactured from cut, stamped, cast, welded, and finished steel can be redesigned to provide superior features and performance.

Two good examples of this would be our item #738 Gate and Hinge Bracket Set, which allows the user to make a perfectly square garden gate that will hold its shape for many years. The key innovation for this product is the 2×4 frame fits into sockets that securely hold them in place and the hinges can then be solidly fixed to the socket and the frame member. Another example would be our item items #729, #730, and #731 Floating Shelf Brackets. Competitive brackets are typically made from 2mm thick steel with ½” or 5/8” mounting studs. Recognizing that the structural integrity and weight bearing capacity of the shelf is in direct proportion to the strength of the bracket, Tech Team has re-engineered these brackets with 3mm steel (50% thicker) and 19mm/ ¾” mounting studs that will easily support 30-50% more weight than competitive brackets.

These are just two examples of the type of structural innovations that Tech Team brings to its product listing. Moving beyond this, Tech Team is green conscious. Any opportunity we have to use recycled or re-purposed raw material is used.

In short, Tech Team provides technically advanced products that are environmentally friendly, and provide exceptional value.

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