#00734 –Tech Team Gate Brace Kit

#00734 –Tech Team Gate Brace Kit

Tech Team’s #734 Gate Brace Kit, Restores Sagging Gates and Reinforces New Gates, Simple DIY Project, Rugged Steel Construction, for Wood Gates and Picket Fence Gates, Hardware Included





Tech Team’ #734 Gate Brace Kit Corrects Sagging Gates – Quickly and effectively controls sagging on wood, tubular steel, cyclone fence, and vinyl gates and is easily adjustable at any time. Installs in minutes with simple hand tools. A power drill with a 1/8” bit, adjustable wrench, and a #2 Phillips screwdriver gets the job done. No need to call a fence contractor. This is a simple DIY project takes 15-20 minutes. The Tech Team Gate Brace Bar has a maximum length of 60” so that the largest gate that can be accommodated while used from corner to corner is roughly 42” x 42”. Constructed from quality material. The Tech Team #734 Gate brace is made from heavy duty 2mm thick carbon steel bars with a durable weather resistant powder coat finish.The set includes 3 predrilled steel bars that can extend to a total length of 60”. All the necessary brackets and hardware are included.

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Either you have a new gate that you want to properly support so that it doesn’t sag, or you have an older gate that has sagged and is now not opening and closing the way you would like. The TechTeam® Gate Brace will solve this problem. The set consists of

an upper brace member, a lower brace member, a center brace member, and a mounting bracket.




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