Corner Clamp #00721

Corner Clamp #00721

Tech Team Corner Clamp, Right Angle, 90 Degree, Adjustable Vise, Perfect for Woodworking, Cabinet Framing, Picture Frame, Aquarium, Workshop




  • Make precise 90-degree corners for quick and easy joining of wood, plastic, or glass.
  • Holes for secure bench top mounting to keep hands free for tools.
  • Vice holds work pieces steady for fastening with glue, or screws.
  • Cast aluminum body is lightweight and strong. Chrome-plated vice screw prevents rust and corrosion. The sliding T-handle provides maximum torque and ease of operation.
  • Maximum clamp opening is 70mm / 2.75 inches.

From the Manufacturer

The Tech Team Corner Clamp holds workpieces at 90 degrees for accurate joins and hold pieces steady for drilling or cutting. Surfaces of the vice head are machined at a 90-degree right angle to match the base.

Hold wood pieces for picture frames, cabinets, furniture, and other projects together for strong joints when using dovetails, dowels, or biscuits. Hold glass for sealing fish tanks and aquariums. A must-have accessory for assembling perfectly square stretcher frames for canvas oil paintings. Holes for securing the clamp to a workbench allow it to work as a vice for holding pieces for cutting or drilling.

A perfect addition to any workshop or portable set of carpentry tools.

The vise should not be used for heat-intensive applications such as welding or soldering as the high temperatures will degrade the strength of the aluminum.

Product Details

The Tech Team Corner Clamp’s cast aluminum body is strong, but lightweight. Precision 90° indexing insures perfect joining of 45° angle cuts for precise wood working corner joints. The maximum clamp opening is 7omm / 2.75 inches. The sliding T-handle provides maximum torque and ease of operation.

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