Mop and Broom Rack #00720

Mop and Broom Rack #00720

Mop and Broom Holder Rack and Organizer, Rack holds up to 5 Mops or Brooms, Garage, Shed, Cleaning Closet, 6 Hooks, Hardware Included. Holds up to 1.25 inches. By Tech Team






  • Firmly Grips up to 5 mops or brooms.
  • Hang cleaning gear on the wall and make more space in closets, sheds, and garages.
  • Easy gripping and removing of mops and brooms.
  • Rack has 6 hooks for hanging dust pans, dusters, brushes, and more.
  • Mounting hardware is included.  Easy to install. Nobody likes an untidy or disorderly mess. Most things can be easily stored in closets, on shelves, in totes, or in bins, bags, or boxes. Mops and Brooms are the exception to this rule. The easiest solution is to lean them into a corner, but once you get more than a few, they stick out of the corner, they fall all over the place, and actually become more of a hazard than a functional tool for cleaning and tidying up. The ideal storage solution for long handled tools such as mops or brooms is a mop and broom storage organizing rack. This neat little fixture holds up to 5 mops or brooms, each with a diameter of up to 1.25” and will easily support weights up to 30 lbs. It’s made from high impact plastic and comes complete with all the necessary hardware. Needless to say, its weight bearing capacity is in direct proportion to how it’s mounted and what it’s mounted to. If you simply mount it to dry wall using screws and anchors, the result is going to be the weight bearing capacity is limited to the connection between the dry wall anchors and the dry wall. On the other hand, if you are able to anchor it to studs or a secure member, the weight bearing capacity is greatly enhanced.

Product Details

The Tech Team Mop and Broom Rack holds up to 5 mops or brooms and has 6 Hooks.  With the mop and broom rack, cleaning gear can be stored on the wall to make more space in the closet, shed, and garage.  Hanging and removing mops and brooms is quick and easy.    Mounting hardware is included.

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