#00725 –Tech Team #725 Steel Carpeted Bottom Caster Cups, 4 Caster Cups

#00725 –Tech Team #725 Steel Carpeted Bottom Caster Cups, 4 Caster Cups

Tech Team’s #725 – 3” Diameter Carpeted Bottom Steel Furniture Caster Cups Perfect for Hard or Carpeted Floors, Prevents Dents and Scratches



Tech Team’s #725 steel caster cups with a carpeted bottom surface make a Solid Base- The upper steel surface of the caster cup provides a solid and durable support for wood, steel, or plastic furniture legs and distributes the weight- By evenly distributing the weight it reduces denting and gouging on indoor or outdoor carpeting and rugs. The carpeted bottom of the caster cup uniformly distributes the weight to eliminate denting, scratching, or damage to hardwood floors, ceramic, tile, vinyl, or linoleum floors. The normal everyday use of sofas, chairs, tables, etc. over an extended time can easily damage hardwood floor surfaces and cause chipping and cracking of ceramic tile. The carpeted surface of the caster cup prevents this type of damage.

Heavy Furniture Can Be Easily Moved- Furniture can be slid easily and quietly across hard floor surfaces.

This is a full Set that includes Four (4) 3” (76mm) diameter steel caster cups with carpeted bottoms the size is a perfect match for Tech Team’s #739 locking bed caster.

Product Details

The Tech Team Steel Caster Cups are for use on both hard and carpeted floors. The 3-inch/76mm wide pad distributes weight to reduce denting on carpets and prevents furniture damage to hard floors, such as scratches or dents.

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