#00932 Tech Team – Cowboy Gate Latch

#00932 Tech Team – Cowboy Gate Latch

#00932 Tech Team – Cowboy Gate Latch



  • If you’re a teenager jumping down off a horse to open a gate is no big deal, on the other hand, a few years and pounds later you might want something a little more convenient. This is when you want Tech Team’s Cowboy Gate Latch. This durable and well-designed latch allows you to latch and unlatch your gate while mounted on horseback or, for that matter, on an ATV or sitting in a pickup truck.

Product Details

  • To control livestock, you need gate hardware that has purpose-built design and is rugged enough for serious pressure from animals. Our design includes 3mm thick stamped and precision welded carbon steel brackets with a corrosion and rust resistant 96-hour salt spray rated zinc electroplate finish. The set installs without welding, a combination wrench or ratchet does the job in just a few minutes. The brackets have been punched so the clamps make a perfect fit on 11/2”, 1 ¾”, or 2” tubular steel vertical or horizontal farm gate members. In addition, there are ample round holes for mounting to wood posts or gates. The clamps have been custom manufactured with a flat inside radius so that they make maximum contact and grip on tubular steel gate members without crimping or crushing.

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