#940 Tech Team #940 Anti-Shake Headboard Stabilizer Set

#940 Tech Team #940 Anti-Shake Headboard Stabilizer Set

Tech Team #940  anti-shake headboard stabilizer set




Why you need them: Your typical headboard is connected to the end of the bed frame and is positioned against a wall. If you have a platform bed, everything is stable and doesn’t shift or rock. On the other hand, most bed frames are steel and are supported on feet, risers, or casters and all of these have some “give” that allows shifting and movement which, in turn, allows the headboard to slap against the wall. Tech Team’s #940 headboard stabilizer set prevents this, and damage to the wall, by acting as an interface and cushion between the top of the headboard and the wall.

Product Details

  • Installation: Each stabilizer is equipped with self-adhesive pads that easily adhere to a smooth, clean, non-porous, dry surface. Usually this can be done in just a few minutes. The stabilizers also have holes that allow them to be screw mounted to fabric covered headboards.
  • Adjustable: Not every bed and wall situation is the same therefore, Tech Team’s stabilizers have been designed to be quickly and easily adjusted for length without tools.
  • Other Uses: The stabilizers can also be used as door stops and to prevent other furniture, such as bookcases, cabinets, dressers, and mirrors from coming into contact with walls.

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