#00768 – The Tech Team® #768 Heavy Duty Gate Wheel

#00768 – The Tech Team® #768 Heavy Duty Gate Wheel

The Tech Team® #768 Heavy Duty Gate Wheel




The Tech Team® #768 Heavy Duty Gate Wheel will support up to 400 lbs. and is designed primarily for tubular steel agricultural gates but can also be used for wood gates and cyclone fence style gates. The flat free tire and 16” diameter make it the perfect choice for large heavy gates and it can easily negotiate uneven surfaces and turf

Product Details

The Tech Team® #768 Flat Free Agricultural Gate Wheel is designed to support tubular steel gates by relieving pressure from the far end of the gate to facilitate easy opening and closing, and to reduce stress on the hinge and gate post. The 16” diameter flat free wheel rolls easily over uneven surfaces and turf as opposed to 4”, 6”, or 8” diameter wheels that would find it difficult to negotiate similar unprepared surfaces. The gate wheel bracket is also drilled for easy attachment to cyclone style fence gates, and gates constructed from other materials. The bracket is made from 6mm/ ¼” carbon steel with a 16mm/ 5/8” solid steel axel. The bracket is treated with 96-hour salt spray rated zinc electroplating. The wheel has a steel hub with 2 internal sets of ball bearings for smooth rolling and long life.

Simple is assembly required. Use the enclosed custom flat back clamps to mount the bracket to the gate then align the wheel with the holes in the bracket and insert the axel / bolt through both sides of the bracket and the bearings in the wheel hub. Thread the castle nut hand tight – do not over tighten – on to the threaded end and back off a fraction of a turn to align the slots in the nut with the hole in the axel and insert the cotter pin. With a pair of pliers spread the pin so that it can not fall out and the job is done. Detailed instructions are included.



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