#00939-Tech Team #939 Exercise Machine Pulleys

#00939-Tech Team #939 Exercise Machine Pulleys

Tech Team #939 Exercise Machine Pulleys




Fix a Squeaking, Groaning, Skipping Exercise Machine with Tech Team’s #939 Replacement Pulleys

Product Details

Exercise machines function by using cables, weights and pulleys to create the resistance necessary for building muscles and endurance. The cables, weights, and structure of the machine last forever however, the pulleys are a different story. They are constantly in motion and take all of the mechanical stress – this means that they can get worn out and have a bearing failure or actually fracture. Tech Team’s #939 replacement pulleys are the best available pulleys for fixing this problem. They have 2 key features that make them superior to others. First they are made from high strength nylon as opposed to ABS plastic and second each one uses 2 ball bearings in a steel housing as opposed to a plastic bushing. This insures a long service life. In addition, anyone can install them with simple, everyday hand tools.

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