Transform your bedroom

Transform your bedroom


The design of your bedroom says a lot about your tastes and interests. Bedrooms are private places that you design to your liking. The rest of the home is designed at least in part with visitors in mind.


Do you go with a darker color wall and lighter bedding and furniture?


What do you hang on the walls?


Are there pictures around the room?


Your bedroom shows what you value and how you choose to display it.


The biggest decisions you have revolve around your bed. Everything from size to your pillows, your bed is a defining piece of furniture for your room.


There are 3 pieces you have to decide when choosing your bed and how to decorate it…


1 – The Mattress


Choosing a mattress that is right for you can be complicated. You have to decide on the size, firmness and how much you are willing to spend.


The standard sizes are twin, full, queen, king.


The twin is designed for one person to sleep in. Usually best for shorter people as the length and width is the shortest with this size of mattress.


A full mattress is a split between queen and twin sizing. It has the width of a twin bed with the length of a queen. Still designed with the one intended person to sleep in. But will work better for taller individuals.


Queens are the same length as a full but is an increase in width. This is the first mattress that can fit two sleeping comfortably.


The king is the widest and longest mattresses. If you want to be able to sleep and spread out comfortably, this is the way to go.


Each mattress will also have a firmness component – this can be a range from very soft to very firm. Your choice here depends completely on your personal preference.


Cost… that will depend on the combination of size of the mattress, firmness and overall quality of the materials. You can find relatively cheap king size mattresses but they don’t last long. Or you can spend a little more up front and have a mattress designed to last for years.


2 – The Bedding and Pillows


Here you have a lot of flexibility. You get to choose colors, designs, and weight of the blankets. Also the type, size and firmness of pillows. All of that has to work together with the design of the rest of your bedroom.


When it comes to colors, it is important to keep in mind the rest of the room. Going with lighter colors on the bedding and walls can come across overpowering. And same if you do dark colors for both. Think about the current room design or plan it out so your colors work together.


The weight of the blanket is a subjective thing. You have to think about if your room is naturally cool or warm. Cooler rooms you may want to opt for heavier blankets. For warmer rooms, lighter blankets will usually be better.


Pillows… Pillows are like mattresses, they come in a wide variety of sizes and firmness. Twin, queen, king, body pillows, decorative pillows, L pillows, and on and on. Choose ones that will be comfortable and fit well with your room. It doesn’t take much to be successful with it.


3 – The Bed Frame


This aspect of choosing a bed often gets overlooked. Most people just take the frame that came with the bed and don’t realize there are other options.


With your bed frame you are able to choose whether you want a metal or wood frame, and do you want a headboard or not.


While a wood frame sounds nice, they can be prone to breaking easier than metal. However the look can be nicer if you don’t get a bed skirt with your bedding and pillows.


Metal holds up better to regular use and are typically easier to repair or replace if there is damage. The other option you get with metal is an easy option to add on a headboard.


A headboard can add a lot to the room. It is another area to show your creativity and taste. Your headboard options are limitless. From different designs to material, you can get whatever you would want out of a headboard.


The headboard also offers a unique option – adding a footboard as well. Between a footboard and headboard, you can create the bed you’ve always wanted.


One thing to keep in mind if you want to have both a footboard and headboard is that most metal bed frames aren’t long enough for both. You will have to add an extension to the frame.


Tech Team sells a bed frame extension set that is perfect for this.


It is designed to fit beds with a headboard and footboard. They also designed it with flexibility in mind – it fits most twin, queen and king size frames. It is built to last with secure bolt on attachments.


If you are looking to spruce up your room with a headboard and footboard and need to extend out your frame, take a look at Tech Team’s bed frame extension set