The DIYer Repair Kit

The DIYer Repair Kit


Around a home there are a variety of different tasks that will come up that are repairs not just installing new items. Frequently we have to go and repair a wide range of different things. We would rather repair than replace whenever possible.


Sometimes though, we come across some jobs that are more challenging than others. You could have a really complex piece of furniture, something heavy that needs to be resecured, or you may be dealing with stripped or damaged screws or nails.


When we have to repair things, we use a fairly predictable set of tools. And sometimes we still need something extra to avoid turning a minor repair into something major.


The standard tools for repairs:

  • Hammer
  • Screw drivers
  • Pliers
  • Hand saw


The hammer – one of the most useful tools you can imagine. It can break things apart, push new nails in, work tough to remove nails and generally a highly useful tools to remove and mount different items.


Screwdrivers allow you to tighten and loosen screws, you can use them as a wedge to work other things apart, and they work well in relatively tight places.


Pliers, this is your support. Allowing you to hold screws, nuts, bolts, boards, pipe in place while you work. These can be a life saver for repairs.


Hand saw – when all else fails, cut it off. If you can’t pull it off, smash it apart, loosen or rip it apart, your hand saw lets you get in behind and get it off.


Every tool has what it is designed for. Then add in the uses we make up for them.


Sometimes, we run into issues though. The head of the nail breaks off, the item is glued down and doesn’t budge, the screw was stripped either when installed or trying to remove it…


A fellow DIYer told me a story of a recent project he was working on…


He was trying to do some work on his deck which required removing a few of the boards. When it was installed, they used a star drive bit and then were painted over. He spent an entire day just trying to remove the boards because the paint was caked on the screws and then half of the screws stripped trying to remove them. What should have been a quick removal took an entire day trying to work through the paint and stripped screws.


Luckily, he was able to deal with the stripped screws easily once he cleared the paint out. He had purchased a screw extractor set a few months ago when he had a similar issue with another project.

He said the kit allowed him to remove the screws without having to cut the boards out and replace them. Saved him hundreds of dollars and a lot of frustration.


Tech Team offers an ease to use, high quality screw extractor set This set allows you to extract a screw quickly and easily. It is especially useful for stripped screws that just won’t catch on your regular screwdrivers.


One concern that comes up with these kits is the use of a drill versus regular screwdriver. With Tech Team’s design you can use it with a variable speed electric drill if needed.


Every DIYer and professional will run across a broken screw at some point. Having a screw extractor kit ready when you need it can save hours of frustration.