3 Keys to Choosing the Right Rustic Elements to Your Home

3 Keys to Choosing the Right Rustic Elements to Your Home


When looking to add or improve the home, there are a wide array of ideas. Everything from the open concept interior to how to design your kitchen for maximum effectiveness.


One item that has been growing in popularity is adding rustic elements into the home. This is showing with overhead beams, barn doors, and the weathered look showing up in more and more ways.


We are going to look at the 3 things you need to consider when choosing to add a rustic element to your home.

  1. Style
  2. Installation
  3. Hardware

Let’s look at each of these in order-




Even though it is something new you are adding to your home, you don’t want it to look out of place. Unless you’re planning to slowly change everything over one piece at a time – your new items should complement your current design.


You should consider things like the actual look of the item, material it is made from, and purpose.


The look should be something that fits with what you have but adds a rustic feel to the room. Try to find a look that works with the rest of the room. Also keep in mind the size of the item. A larger rustic item like a barn door will stand out more than a smaller shelf. It will add a strong rustic tone to the room instantly where the shelf may not stand out as much.


Material is a tough one. The rustic option is typically wood. However, you can find some plastic items that are designed with rustic colors and have the rustic look to them. Carefully look at the piece and see if it is truly what you want before investing.


The purpose of the item is a big one. Is it pure the aesthetic you want, or will it be functional? Knowing that allows you to decide on a budget to start from and materials to choose.


Now let’s consider…




Are you installing the piece yourself or will you be using a contractor?


If you are like me, you’d rather do it yourself.


As a DIYer, it is vital to keep the project manageable. We work for a living and tinker on the side. Having a project that takes days of consistent work to complete is not practical for us.


Something simple like hanging a shelf, picture or something similar we can do in an afternoon and it’ll be done.


Then look at something like adding a barn door. That can be a full weekend project or more.


Before choosing to do it yourself, ask yourself a few questions…


What is the use of the item? Will it be a used regularly or just hanging there? Is it light enough for one person or would you need help?


A frame that is static and just has to not fall down, fairly low risk of issues. Barn door that needs to be straight and last for years with daily use… not so much. You’ll need help with each step, a second set of eyes to ensure it is level, sturdy and installs cleanly. Keep that in mind when deciding to either do it yourself or hire a contractor.


That brings us to the third thing to consider with your new rustic elements.




The hardware choices can drastically change how the item looks in your home.


You have to consider if the hardware will be seen, how strong it is, and the material you are installing it into.


A nice floating shelf bracket that hides the hardware is a nice way to add the rustic feel without the industrial elements. However, some pieces require some hardware to be seen. Tech Team’s #730 18” Floating Shelf Bracket https://www.amazon.com/TECH-TEAM-Floating-Bracket-Construction/dp/B07G1KJ6S6/ref=sr_1_5?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1539526505&sr=8-5&keywords=tech+team+floating is the strongest one you can buy any place and it is highly recommended.


You want to make sure the style of the hardware adds to the element and the room. Should it be stainless steel or a black powder coat finish?


Also look at the requirements to install the hardware. Take a barn door for example, there are guides that must be installed to allow the door to move smoothly and not move off track. Some of the guides require you to chisel out part of your floor or wall to install properly. That can add new requirements to keep it straight and not damage too much of the floor or wall.


Choose the hardware that fits the space and your item.


If you are installing a larger item like a barn door, Tech Team https://techteamproducts.com/ offers a high-quality ball bearing floor guide. It is easy to install – just requires some screws to mount it. You also don’t have to damage your floor any more than a couple screws, no chiseling out required.


To learn more about the floor guide and get one that will complement your barn door, click the link below. Everything is included from the hardware to screws, anchors and a hex key to adjust the roller  https://www.amazon.com/Adjustable-Smooth-Sliding-Hardware-Included/dp/B07CVMQLVJ/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1539524522&sr=8-9&keywords=tech+team.