The Two Things You Need to Make You Feel Like You Have a Third Helping Hand

As a DIYer, we like the challenge that comes with projects around the house. We would rather spend hours looking up how to accomplish a project, watching video after video and calling friends to see how to do it than hire someone to come in.

Once we know how to do it, we still tend to do some funny things trying to do the project. Does this sound like you?

You have a project to do around the house on a ladder. To avoid going up and down the ladder repeatedly you, you have your hammer in your pocket, drill shoved into your waistband, nails and screws fanned across your mouth, pencil behind your ear, and tape measure clipped to your shirt. You just wish you had a third hand to help hold everything, so you can work without feeling like something is going to fall.

As a DIYer, after all the research, this how a typical project starts. Gathering all the tools, screws, nails and washers and carrying it however you can.

There are two things you can get to make your life significantly easier and allow you to work faster without having to worry about everything falling or not having the tool when you need it.


The first one… a tool belt.

A tool belt is a staple for the professionals and there is a reason for that. They’ve figured out that getting set up before starting to work makes the work easier and faster.

With pockets and attachments, you can take the hammer out of your pocket and drill out of your waistband. A tool belt allows you to hold all your bigger tools on the belt. They are with you at all times, organized for ease of use. Once set up, you know where your tools are and can have them with you without having to tie up your hands. The belt is a must to keep your regular tools ready to go regardless of the project.

A tool belt doesn’t solve all of your problems though. Most don’t do a good job of holding smaller items like screws, nails and washers. The slightest lean forward or having to lay down and squeeze into tight spots and they spill out all over the floor.

Putting them into your pockets or holding them in your hand while trying to work aren’t good answers either. Now you have to dig through your pocket for the drill bit within the mess of screws, stabbing your hand and leg in the process. Holding it in your hand makes it so you can’t work effectively.


This is where a magnetic wristband comes in…

A magnetic wristband allows you to keep all of your screws, washers, nails and small tools on your wrist while working. Get them out of your pocket, hand and mouth and put them in an easy to see and reach spot on your wrist.

As a DIYer, handyman, maker or hobbyist, using your hands is important to be able to accomplish the project quickly and easily. You don’t have to keep going up and down the ladder, dropping things on the floor or knocking boxes of screws over. A magnetic wristband is like a tool belt for your smaller items.

The wristband is especially useful when you have to squeeze into tight places. You don’t have the space to drag boxes of screws and nails with you. And even if you do, the likelihood of knocking it over and trying to clean it up is just a headache. The wristband keeps everything in an accessible spot regardless of the project.

Your projects so much easier when all of your tools are conveniently located on your belt and your miscellaneous items like screws, nails and washers are on your wrist. It lets you use your hands for working, not carrying everything around. It is like adding a third helping hand into the job allowing you to finish the job faster and easier than before.


Although made by several companies such as Blendx, iHard, Oznc Global, Adhoe, and Wizsla, not all magnetic wristbands are the same though. Tech Team’s magnetic wristband features 12 embedded magnets allowing you to hold everything from smaller screws and washers up to small hand tools like screwdrivers. It has an adjustable one size fits most Velcro design to fit most wrists. You could even wrap it around your upper arm if needed.

If you are looking to make your projects run smoother and want to feel like your hands a free to work, you should invest in a quality tool belt and a magnetic wristband. The time you save on your projects will be well worth it.