Replacing Bed Casters

After a long day of working, spending time with family and preparing for the next day, you just want to lay down to sleep…

But as you lay down in bed, there is a problem, one corner crashes down. Now instead of a good night’s sleep, you have to figure out this problem. After looking you see that one of the bed’s factory casters on your bed frame broke and the wheel gave out.

This is one of the most common issues with bed frames that comes up. Luckily it isn’t something you have to just live with. You can replace the casters without having to buy an entire new bed frame.

The only thing you have to do is decide what you want to replace them with. There are two options available when replacing them – bed feet or caster wheels.


Option 1: Bed Feet

Bed feet are a plastic or metal option for your bed frame that are designed to stop a bed from moving and keep it stable.

Some versions offer a few key benefits:

  • Height options – want to add storage under your bed? These can raise the bed high enough to add a plastic storage bin underneath.
  • Stability – bed feet are designed to be stable and prevent the bed from moving. Where you set them is where the bed stays.
  • Won’t damage the floor – since the bed won’t move, your floors are protected from the wear and tear that comes with casters rolling around.

These are an attractive option if you don’t plan on moving your bed at all. Typically they can handle as much and in some cases more weight than bed frame wheels.

However, if you want the ability to move your bed or just want an easy way to slide it out of the way when cleaning, bed feet aren’t a good option.


Option 2: Caster Wheels

Caster wheels designed for bed frames allow you to move the bed as needed and the replacements for your initial wheels are made of quality material and built to last.

Key features for bed caster wheels include:

  • Heavy duty frame and wheel – these can hold up to usage. You can purchase wheels made of high-quality materials that won’t break with just minor usage.
  • Mobility – since they are wheels, they allow you to move your bed with ease. When searching for casters, find ones that can handle a variety of floor types. These are built to roll and glide without binding.
  • Height options – it is not common to have adjustable caster heights. However you can choose the height you want when you buy a replacement set.

With quality casters, you can simply replace the initial ones with a better version. You keep the ability to move your bed as needed to rearrange the room or just to clean underneath easily.

One thing to keep in mind is the stem for the casters or bed feet. Make sure before you get a replacement you find ones that will fit your frame. Not all frames are made to fit the same attachments.

What if you want the ability to move your bed as needed but want the stability that the bed feet offer?

You can have the best of both with

Tech Team’s Locking Bed Casters


The key feature of these casters is the locking mechanism. It is designed to easily lock and unlock the wheel, so you can keep your bed from rolling when you don’t want it to. If you need to move it, just unlock and roll.

Tech Team’s casters are designed to roll smoothly on carpet and hard floor. Simply unlock the wheel and you can slide your bed without getting caught up on the floor underneath.

Even though you might have only had an issue with one corner of your bed, replacing just one wheel can leave the bed still lopsided. The Tech Team bed casters come in a set of 4 casters letting you replace all 4 wheels and not have to think about being uncomfortable.

These casters are also designed to fit most bed frames. Since not all frames are designed the same, not all frames will work with these casters. However, they are built to fit most frames with ease.

If your bed frame wheel broke and you want to replace it, get the stability that comes with bed feet and the mobility of wheels with Tech Team’s Locking Bed Casters

They have made it simple to quickly and easily get these casters. They are available on Amazon and can be shipped directly to you home.

Save the money of replacing your entire frame if a wheel breaks, replace them with locking bed casters that roll smoothly on standard home floors.