Floating shelf brackets sometimes called invisible or blind shelf brackets – what are they and how to install them

Traditional brackets can take away from the look and design of a room. A floating shelf bracket is a quality alternative to keeping your room looking clean and elegant.

A floating shelf bracket is simply a bracket that allows you to install a shelf without seeing the actual bracket. This takes the focus from the bracket and puts it back onto the shelf and the items on the shelf.

There are DIY options available where you can install floating shelves without a bracket. They typically take a long time to build and install, and mistakes late in the process can mean starting over from scratch.

Tech Team https://techteamproducts.com/ has a floating shelf product made of heavy duty, powder coated steel designed to hold up to 100 pounds when mounted into studs. https://www.amazon.com/TECH-TEAM-Floating-Bracket-Construction/dp/B07G1KJ6S6/ref=sr_1_5?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1539526505&sr=8-5&keywords=tech+team+floating. The floating shelf bracket is the ideal choice for the DIYer looking to install beautiful shelving in the home.

Here is how you would install the shelves with the floating shelf bracket…


Step 1: Gather your equipment

You will need a level, stud finder, drill driver, tape measure, pencil, and safety glasses.

To ensure your shelves will last, it is recommended to install into studs. You can mount it into drywall, but the shelf won’t be able to handle as much weight. When mounted into studs, it can hold up to 100 pounds.

You will also need to get your shelf. To work effectively with these brackets, your shelf should be between 7” and 12” deep, and at least 1 ½” thick. The bracket supports are 6”x ¾”, to properly work with shelving, it must be longer and thicker than that.


Step 2: Prepare your shelf

Your shelf needs some preparation to mount effectively to the bracket. The holes for the support rods must be drilled into your shelf.

Using the bracket, mark off the locations on the shelf where the holes need to be drilled. Then, taking your drill, drill holes slightly larger than the bracket rods.

Drill down a small amount, around ¼” and check to ensure the location matches your bracket. If it all checks out, drill the rest.

It is recommended you drill 6 ½” into the shelf. This allows for easy installation of your shelf. Simply have to slide it on.


Step 3: Mount the bracket and shelf


All of the hardware – the bracket and screws – are included with Tech Team’s product so you don’t need to purchase anything.

To mount the bracket, you want to start with finding the studs where you want to hang your shelf. Using your stud finder, find and mark the center of studs. Tech Team’s bracket has a variety of screw holes, try to match them to the studs if possible.

If the studs aren’t in a spot where you want to hang your shelf, use drywall anchors to get as much support as you can. But remember the shelf’s weight holding ability will be seriously compromised. Use toggle style anchors if possible.

Once you find the studs and mark the studs, we need to make sure the shelf will be level. Take the bracket and hold it on the wall where you intend to mount it. Make the necessary adjustments using your level and mark the screw holes for your bracket.

You have two choices here. You can predrill the holes into the wall or simply screw in the bracket now.

If you are using the drywall anchors, predrilling is the way to go. Drywall anchors go in a lot easier if the hole is started already.

All that is left is to slide the shelf on the support rods. Simply line up the holes and slide it on.


Why use a floating bracket for shelves?

Floating shelf brackets are the easiest and quickest way to a clean look for your shelf. It is perfect for a DIYer to complete and mount within an afternoon using tools that are in the garage ready to go.

Similar brackets are available from companies such as Dakoda Lane, BigTeddy, Urban Railroad Company, Del Huston Designs, and Walnut Word Works. However, Tech Team’s floating shelf bracket is a durable and rust resistant choice when looking for that clean design.

They have even made it easy to order and deliver with Amazon product listing and Amazon Prime shipping options.

If you want to install floating shelves and want to avoid the headaches of designing shelves yourself, then check out Tech Team’s floating shelf bracket and get it done fast.