The Kitchen Trend: Make Floating Countertops Using Steel Counter Brackets

Do you know the three things that make for a great kitchen?

It is the spacious space, aesthetically pleasing interiors, and cleanliness. The best way to achieve this wonderful look is through floating countertops. In fact, the interior designing catalogs all show these magical hovering countertops in their glossy pages.

This is the look I wanted for my kitchen. We were renovating after almost a decade. So you can easily understand that a whole new look was long overdue. More importantly, as a housewife, the kitchen was my frontier. And I needed it to look good too if we were spending extravagantly on the husband’s den.

Anyway, just like I expected, my husband and his budget got in the way. Apparently revamping the kitchen was restricted to replacing the faulty cabinet hinges, and repairing the leaky sink. He practicality dampened my trendy dreams. I had to display my old school kitchen at the ‘house re-warming party’ I threw after the renovation. Imagine!

Now, I am not being ungrateful. My kitchen wasn’t too shabby and the new touches looked good. But it lacked that high-polish finish and vastness I really wished for.

Fortunately, for me, my daughter noticed my dismay. She is really into DIY projects and she assured me that we could manage to make my countertops ‘sleek and stylish’ without breaking the bank.

The solution to my dilemma was granite countertop brackets.

Why Should You Buy Granite Brackets?

I like reading reviews and learning about the product before I can invest. So I thought, like me you’d want to know why I found my daughter’s solution very satisfactory.

Here are the many benefits of countertop brackets:

1. Easy Installation

The best part is that these brackets have a hassle-free installation process. They have multiple mounting points that allow you to fix it according to your requirements. You can install it on the back of your cabinets or on top of a short half wall. Hence, this makes it a simple fixture for your remodeling or upgraded installation purposes.

All you really need is a power drill and screws to fix it in.

2. Open Playground

If you are a baby boomer, then you know how stuffy the traditional kitchen layout is. You end up bumping into corners or hurting yourself trying to balance multiple things on the cabinet counter. This can change if you are up for a little tweaking in your kitchen.

The floating countertops provide you with a free-work space. It supports your cooking activities by giving you a wider surface to place all your ingredients. Additionally, it is spacious enough to do some collective cooking.

For instance, I could only accommodate one grandkid at a time on my kitchen counter whilst I baked them cookies. But now all of them can join me on my baking adventure. The older ones have enough room to help me decorate the homemade goodies. On the other hand, the younger ones can easily sit and watch the baking process. There is no pushing or shoving involved.

3. Clever Design

The smart L-shaped brackets are conveniently hidden out of sight. They give your countertops a sleek neat look. Plus the lack of chunky braces reduces the chances of any accidents. Like the occasional bump on the knee, or a small (but painful) cut by the sharp metal.

Moreover, my brackets are able to withstand almost 250 lbs of stress on the surface. I can cook and clean easily without any fear of damage. Thus, as whimsical as they look on the surface, the countertops prove to be quite sturdy.

4. The Bonus

After use, we realized that the granite brackets meet more than one purpose. Not only do they help you extend your kitchen islands (or in my case, create them), but they also function in putting up other things.


  • An extra shelf for your pantry
  • Overhanging bookshelves for the family room (if you have a half wall)
  • Countertops for the garage

Overall it sounds great, doesn’t it?

What Should You Look for During Purchase?

Responsible housewives don’t put their money on just any new trend. We prefer to make investments, not add a superficial feature on our countertop. Therefore, you need to keep a few functional features in mind when you buy something.

Although manufacturers such as: Ego Bike, Fastcap, Corbel, and 7 Blacksmiths, Tech Team 6”x8” Brackets are the first choice:

  • L-shape design retains your counter/shelf’s balance
  • Sturdy enough to support heavy slabs of marble and granite
  • Made from durable high grade carbon steel with a rust-resistant coating
  • Easy to conceal after installation

In conclusion, if you are looking for a supporting bracket that works well without being seen. That has no clunky corners, cramped spacing, or shaky bearings. It is only then, will it succeed in creating an envious landscape for your kitchen surfaces.

Do you need some support?

Then look no further than the Tech Team Granite Countertop Bracket These brackets are well-constructed to keep those countertops afloat. The four-pack brackets are sturdy, affordable, and easy to install.