This 90 degree clamp is made from aluminum, offering you quality, strength and durability.

Corner Clamp – Right Angle with Adjustable Vise

Starting a woodworking or glass project? You already have your hammer, nails and glue ready, but where is your clamp? And more importantly, which kind of clamp is right for the job? While there are so many types available in the market, Tech Team products are highly preferable because of their quality, convenience, and durability.

Clamps can be regarded as extra sets of hands that make work simpler, easier, and faster. If you don’t use them, your projects may turn messy, and you won’t achieve the results you desire.

There are several brands of corner clamps such as: MLCS, Dr. Machinest, Wolcraft, Power Tec, Bessex, and Can-Do Clamp. The Tech Team 90 degrees corner clamp with an adjustable vise is a must-have tool for every carpenter and DIYer!  Using this tool, you can make very precise corners and firmly join wood, glass or plastic pieces together. It features holes that allow you to mount the clamp on a bench securely, and keep your hands free for other tasks as you do the work. The vise would keep all the pieces in place, making it really simple to glue and screw various components.

Use the clamp to hold frames, furniture, cabinets, and other work pieces. You can even use it for aquariums, fish tanks, and canvas oil painting stretchers. Whatever kind of work you want to do, Tech Team products have made it really easy to work with wood and glass. It’s easy; it’s accurate, and it had a professional appearance! The product has been constructed such that you can clamp instantly. Generally, with other products, clamping can be quite a task. But definitely not with this one! It only takes a couple of seconds and there, you’re done!

At a glance

  • Offers precision and convenience
  • Designed with strength and durability in mind
  • Anti-slip handle for a firm and comfortable hold
  • Used for creating miter joints, T-joints and butt joints.
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Angle: 90 degrees
  • Opening: 2.75 in or 70 mm
  • Dimension: 8.5 in x 8.5 in x 2 in
  • Weight: 1.49 pounds

What can Tech Team’s clamp be used for?

This carpenter’s clamp is the ideal product to clamp precisely at 90 degrees or to create joints. It has been constructed such that it can hold two work pieces together. These can be of any material including wood, glass, or plastic and can be of any dimension. Regardless of the thickness or the size, the clamp will still hold them firmly in place.

If required, the jaw can be pivoted to hold materials of different thicknesses, while still maintaining precise 90° angles between the work pieces.

Eliminates the hassles

This corner clamp is so simple to use. Designed for convenience, it firmly holds the pieces together and makes it really easy to join the corners. Plus, it is equipped with a sliding T-handle that offers precise torque.

The angle can be adjusted easily by opening the clamp to any suitable dimension. The opening range is wide enough to suit a variety of working conditions.

The product is equipped with a single handle, and comes with an adjustable jaw. The material prevents slipping so you can firmly grip the handle even when working for several hours at end.

Ensures precision

This right angle clamp offers a precise way to measure and maintain 90 degrees angle when working on various projects. It can be used for precisely joining at 45 degrees angle.

Constructed durably

The product is made from aluminum, and is lightweight. However, it is sturdy and can be used for years. The entire body is powder coated to prevent corrosion, which increases its life.

Though the aluminum body offers durability, the vise shouldn’t be used for applications that involve high temperatures such as soldering or welding. This would degrade the strength of the clamp.

Priced affordably

This corner clamp is available at an affordable cost, and can be shipped via Amazon Prime. The product is sold by Tech Team and full-filled by Amazon.

Makes a great gift!

Got a friend who loves working with glass and wood? This clamp is the perfect gift for them then!

Learning a few usage tips

  • Ensure that the piece is fixed firmly before you begin working.
  • Depending on the objective and nature of your work, using a single right angle clamp might not be enough. In such a case, you should definitely buy more clamps, and keep them handy.
  • Apply the right amount of pressure; too much force can weaken the strength of the piece or even damage it if you aren’t careful.