Tech Team Pry Bars | 5 Piece Pry Bar Set

5 Piece Pry Bar Set (2)

Any toolbox is incomplete without the addition of a prybar; such is the usefulness of this product. From separating boards to pulling out nails that have been hammered into place previously, the prybar is a handy tool to have for kinds of projects. You can pry boards apart and open nailed wooden crates easily.

However, while prybars can be pretty handy, the overall effectiveness of the tool lies in the quality of the product that you have in your hand. A good prybar could last you ages. It should provide you with a solid grip, and not twist or turn when you apply pressure. So, considering this confusion, which prybar option can be the best for you? Is there a prybar that can stick for a long time and not bend under the pressure that you apply on it? There are various brands of pry bars such as: Mayhew, Tekton, Apex, Milwaukee, Solex, Craftsman, and Vaughn however, we might just have the thing with the Tech Team 5 piece The amazing prybar set comes in useful sizes of 8”, 12”, 18” and 24”, along with a 15 ½” rolling head bar.

The 4 mechanic prybars in this collection are made of sturdy materials that will last for long and help you out with all your DIY projects. All professional carpenters or mechanics can benefit from the product as it will last a lifetime. The comfortable grip and the simple design make these prybars by Tech team a must-have tool in your toolbox.

Some Features and Highlights

  • Each of these prybar set by Tech Team comes with 4 mechanical prybars stacked inside. The prybars measure 8”, 12”, 18”, and 24” in size. There is also an additional 15 ½” rolling-head bar.
  • These heavy duty prybars are made of electroplated heat treated carbon steel. The sturdiness of the carbon steel makes for exceptional longevity that homeowners and technicians require.
  • These professional prybars come with solvent resistant and comfortable polypropylene handles. The handles ensure maximum grip so that you can work on the task at hand without worrying about any of the additional externalities. The additional rolling head bar has a durable powder coat finish.
  • The rolling head bar comes with dual ends for different purposes. The tapered end is for the alignment of heavy parts, while the hook end is for prying and lifting.
  • The prybars and the rolling head bar give you the tools you need to help lift, shift, or pry heavy loads around your farm, garage, workshop, or construction site.

Speed up Your Work

Perhaps the biggest benefit going in favor of this prybar set is how well they help you simplify whatever project you’re working on and get the best results out of it. The dual ends of the rolling head bar and the multiple tips on the pry bars help you get the most out of your project. These prybars come with either a chiseled or an angled tip. Each type of tip has its own unique function to play in the overall process.

The chiseled tip is perfect for separating objects that have been tightly put into position together. The chiseled tip gives you a method to apply force and separate two objects. The angled tip, on the other hand, gives you arrange of options in dealing with nails placed in tight crevices and other tight corners.

Grip of Your Choice

The biggest concern homeowners in general have with prybars is that they don’t fit comfortably in their hand. Since human force plays an important part in achieving the end result, it is important for the person working with the prybar to have a solid grip on it. This grip is achieved through the comfortable polypropylene handle of these prybars. The handle ensures that you can hold on to the tool without feeling uncomfortable and without the prybar slipping out of your hands.