The Tech Team Granite Countertop Bracket comes with exceptional features that make it perfect for every granite countertop.

Tech Team Granite Countertop Bracket (2)

Countertops tend to play an important role in setting the overall impression in your kitchen or dining space. Walking into a kitchen, the granite countertop is one of the few things that you would notice immediately. Considering the impact it has, you shouldn’t compromise on the granite countertop and the supplementary details that go into making it.


Countertop brackets are one of the supplementary items that put a countertop in its place and ensure that it remains fixed. Considering their importance, it is suggested that you go for nothing less than the best choice. There are several manufacturers of this type of item such as: Ego Bike, Ekena, Ecotrie, 7 Blacksmiths, Kitchen source, and Hyperdraum however the best option comes in the form of the 8 * 6 inch granite countertop brackets by Tech Team.

These brackets are known to be sturdy and have a professional look to them. Not only do they expertly handle the work required of them, but they also ensure optimal aesthetic appeal inside your kitchen.

Highlights and Features

  • Perfect for all kinds of marble and granite counter tops in use in modern kitchens. Go perfectly well with whatever kind of design.
  • The brackets are solid and are constructed in one piece rather than with a welded joint. There are no welds used in their production. The beveled edges give an attractive finished look that helps enhance the aesthetic appeal of your granite counter top or shelf.
  • The brackets are 12 mm thick and can hold up to 150 lbs. The thickness and optimal capacity ensure longevity that cannot be equaled by any other form of countertop bracket.
  • The countertop brackets by Tech Team boast of a smooth and durable finish that is achieved through powder coating.
  • The bracket comes with pre-drilled countersunk holes for a smooth surface. The holes give you the direction you need to get your granite countertop fixed.
  • The set by Tech Team comes with a pack of 4 brackets that have all the hardware included.

Material and Construction

These brackets are formed from a single piece of solid and durable carbon steel. The brackets come without any welds and are perfect for your kitchen’s curb appeal.

Brackets with welds can succumb under pressure, which is why you should opt for the safe option in these Tech Team countertop brackets.

Besides their amazing sturdiness the brackets have beveled and leveled edges. The finishing achieves a better overall look and prevents snagging. The countertop bracket provides amazing support to your granite and marble countertop and keeps put for a lifetime.

The countertop bracket is made out of heavy-duty carbon steel, which is known to be excessively strong and sturdy. Due to the strength of the material used in manufacturing it, the bracket can hold over 150 lbs. Besides the durability and the sturdiness, the bracket also has an amazing finish, which is achieved through the use of powder coating. The coating provides a sheen that lasts as long as the bracket itself and ensures brilliant aesthetic. Besides the shine, the brackets also come with pre drilled holes that assist you in the fitting process. The holes provide you with the direction you need to achieve the best results from the job.


The countertop brackets from Tech Team host numerous benefits. These benefits include:

  • Toughness: The heavy duty steel used for making these brackets is exceptionally strong and can support heavy countertop well, keeping it in place for years to come.
  • Support: The sturdiness of the brackets can be gauged by the fact that they can support over 150 lbs. each. They come with the inherent strength to withstand pressure and are a perfect addition to your kitchen.
  • Safe and Affordable: The bracket is extremely safe to use. You can do your routine kitchen chores without worrying about any untoward incident happening. Moreover, these countertop brackets are also quite affordable and are an excellent value for all the benefits they offer.
  • Easy to Install: Unlike other welded brackets with no holes, you don’t have to waste your whole day trying to drill through them. These brackets are really easy to install through a simple and quick process.