This 90 degree clamp is all you need to make your toolbox complete. Go through the article and know just why this clamp belongs inside your box.

Tech Team Corner Clamp – The Adjustable Tool for Woodworking and Other Projects

You’re embarking on a DIY woodworking or glass cutting project, and suddenly, you remember that you don’t have a clamp up your sleeves. You look around, fiddle through the accessories, and laugh at yourself for forgetting something so essential. How could you forget a clamp? No toolbox in the world can feel or even look complete without the addition of a clamp.

However, since we’re here to give you solutions and not aggravate your problems, we’ll suggest just the kind of clamp you would want to have? Since there are so many types and forms available in the market, you’d often have a hard time seeing which one would work best for you. There are several brands of corner clamps such as: MLCS, Dr. Machinest, Wolcraft, Power Tec, Bessex, and Can-Do Clamp. However, you don’t have to look around much, since Tech Team products, especially their clamp, are known for their quality and durability.

Clamps are necessary for working on any wood or glass project. In fact, we would recommend you to have one besides you in any kind of a project. They help you tackle during different projects and make every project less messy.

Corner clamp is one tool that any carpenter or technician should be equipped with. By using this tool, technicians can adjust to tricky circumstances and join tough pieces of glass or plastic together. This clamp comes with robust features that give you the ability to manage other tasks, while the vise keeps the pieces in order and in place.

Use this clamp at your demand to hold furniture, cabinets, frames, and all other kinds of workpieces in place. Its unique design and interesting list of features make it perfect for to use for almost everything. Clamping is usually considered a strenuous task, but this one from Tech Team comes with great features and helps make work easier for you.

At a Glance

  • The perfect 90 degree angle helps facilitate the quick and easy joining of plastic, glass, or wood.
  • Holes on the side ensure smooth bench top mounting.
  • You can keep your hands free and focus on other work while the clamp does its work.
  • The vice holds work perfectly to keep the pieces steady for fastening through the use of screws or glue.
  • Lightweight aluminum body that is extremely strong.
  • The chrome-plated vice-screw prevents rust or corrosion.
  • A sliding T-handle in place to provide maximum ease of operation and torque.
  • The clamp comes with a maximum opening of 70 mm or 2.75 inches.
  • The handle is easy to hold and is perfect for rapid action.

How to Use the Clamp

This 90 degree clamp by Tech Team can be used for a wide variety of projects. The angle clamp works just fine to clamp at a 90 degree angle for creating strong joints. The compatible design means that the clamp can hold two workpieces together in place at one time. These materials can be wood or glass. If required, you can also pivot the jaw into a position that will make it possible for it to hold materials of different thickness.

Provides Flexibility

What’s the first thing that a homeowner DIYer requires while working with a tool? Convenience and flexibility, right? The tool should make the work easier to manage, not difficult. Thus, in this regard, this clamp is perfect. The sliding T-handle in the design adds maximum torque and ease of operation. With this ease of operation, you can operate the clamp without a hassle and enjoy optimal performance.

Precise and Durable

The right angle clamp has a spot on method to measure and maintain an accurate 90 degrees angle. This angle is important for the overall result, which is why the ability of the clamp to maintain it is important. The precision can also be measured while joining at a 45 degree angle.

Besides the precision, the product also has amazing durability, making it stand out among the lot. The body of this clamp is made out of aluminum, which makes it extremely lightweight and perfect for your toolbox.

However, it is recommended that you do not use the clamp for applications and tool work that involves higher temperatures. Thus, it should be best put away from activities like welding or soldering. Exposing it to extra heat would degrade the strength of the clamp.