The Swiveling Office Drama: Can Your Office Chair Casters Be Replaced?

Do you have a new office to revamp? Are you planning on starting a new business?

Then you must take my advice and invest in some good office chair casters. Are you wondering what those are? Or you probably know what it is and believe that such a trivial detail is the least of your worries.

Believe me, I have been there, done that!

As an upcoming entrepreneur, when I was creating the budget for the office supplies-chair casters were never on my list. But a few bumps, crashes, and faulty mechanisms made my head turn in the right direction.

Now, before I tell my tale, let’s address the elephant in the room.

What Are Casters?

Are you sitting on an office chair right now?

Okay! Now, look at the wheels of the chair. Do you see how the wheel is attached? That wheeling device is the caster. It is basically installed at the bottom of the 5 chair legs to facilitate the chair’s movement. You know, so you can move and spin it around easily.

If you are up to get down and dirty. You will notice that the caster has three main parts:

  • Wheel
  • Stem
  • Housing

This little device is the bane of your office’s existence. Without it, your office body would be hauling heavy chairs around and getting no leg movement inside the cubicle. Plus, sometimes when no one is looking, you get a childish thrill in spinning around the chair. Don’t you? (Don’t lie!)

The Swiveling Scenario: A Small Scale Business Owner’s Story

As a new business owner, I had a vision for my office. I was excited to get the right space and the right stuff to create a great atmosphere. So the furniture was on my list of course because that is one of the first things potential clients will notice when they come to the office.

Now, my previous workstation was my home. Back then, my team and I made use of the sturdy dining chairs in the house. So, we knew that wheeled chairs were a must because no way were we getting sore muscles moving the unmovable ones around!

So what did we get? We got some stylishly sleek chairs with bright colors. They added the suave, hip vibe to the office floor. Exactly the thing we were going for. For the first few weeks, everything was running smoothly. That was until I got the monthly maintenance bill.

Apparently, some of the employees were having a difficult time with their chairs. Our easy-going environment gave them the privilege of moving around. I wanted them to chat with co-workers and brainstorm on new ideas. That meant a lot of chair movement. But my chairs had put a brake on that routine.

The subordinate’s informed that:

  • Their chairs just won’t budge
  • The balance was off and the wheels were shaky
  • The carpeted conference room chairs were hard to maneuver

Unfortunately, for me the chairs were non-refundable. And the company didn’t repair the wheels because they somehow weren’t in the warranty plan. (Go figure!)

It is safe to assume that I was in a pickle. So did I throw away my ‘super-suave’ chairs?

No, I went down the rabbit hole of researching office chairs. That is where I encountered the niftiness of casters. There are several brands such as: Zitriom, Slipstick, Sunnie Dog, The Office Oasis, and Seddox Office Addiction but we like the Tech Team the best.

Here are some of the things I discovered:

1. The Size of the Wheel

Most commercial office chair casters have a minimum 2.5-inch wheel. However, getting a bigger 3-inch-76mm wheel is preferably better. It is because they are less likely to resist movement in difficulty floorings like carpets, vinyl or wooden ones.

2. Tiny Details

While buying office chairs you need to look beyond the surface. Ask yourself about how stable the structure is and if it’s durable in the long run. Think about how often would the chairs be used? What surfaces will you use them on? How much weight can they tolerate?

3. Adjust and Replace

The best thing is that I found out that instead of changing chairs, I could change casters. Then I took my reference tips and chose casters that won’t collapse due to a little rotation. In addition to that, if you read the fine print, then you will find casters that are pretty easy to install. The Tech Team

one has this simple ‘pull snap ring’ mechanism that doesn’t require fancy or exotic tools…unless the previous chair caster is too stubborn to be removed.

In a Nutshell

Your office wheel casters have better replacements out there. Therefore, make the right decision and invest in some solid ones. Otherwise, you will be paying a hefty maintenance price when the office chairs start to literally collapse under you.

Looking for chair casters?

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