Gate Keeping 101:  Why Should You Install Gate Casters?

Do you have hinged gates on your driveway? Or maybe you own a farm and have a heavy-duty galvanized farm gate?

No matter what kind of place you own, if you have a hinged gate then you know maneuvering it isn’t that easy. In fact, the hinges tend to get worn by excessive use. Moreover, the gate tends to drag in places or ‘stick’ to the floor. Although several companies such as: Albion, Shepherd 8735, Nordstrand, Koch, Nationwide, Fence Smart 4 U, National, and Ranch Ex make gate  casters, we found the ideal solution to this problem is the Tech Team Spring Loaded Gate Caster

Does this sound like your usual gate grumbles?

Then I may be able to nudge you towards the right answer to your gate problems. You see, I recently got my driveway gate replaced. My neighbor suggested that in addition to getting a new gate, I should also buy a gate caster.

What Is a Gate Caster?

The wheeled device is able to support the smooth movement of your sliding gates. It allows you to open and close your gates frequently without the fear of wear and tear.

Now, I was pretty happy with my gate caster. But what amazed me was the fact that my uncle, who owns a bit of land in the countryside found it useful too. It was interesting to see how well this nifty installation has adapted in the unforgiving conditions of the farmland.

What am I rambling about? Well, to give you a perspective on things, let’s observe how the main features of the gate caster perform on diversely shaped grounds.

Here are the main features that make it so great:


1. Tough Stuff

You see, gates are by default exposed to outside elements. That makes their structure vulnerable to harsh conditions like rain and snow. Even hot summers and freezing temperatures manage to modify their construction because of expansion and contraction. This means that if your wheels aren’t weather resistant, then you are bound to face a stubborn gate that just won’t budge.

Thus, a high-quality gate caster is made up of materials (like hard rubber) that won’t get worn off due to the shifting weather. This ensures its durability and long life. Moreover, it takes into account the qualities of the surface it is wheeling across. The caster accomplishes this feat by preventing the gate’s hardware from receiving stress on the post points and at the hinges.


2. Springs Back

One of the first rules of the outdoors is to buy customized products according to environmental conditions. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to invest in things that may be adaptable to change. That is why gate casters prove to be resourceful. They are able to spring back in form despite the change in the surface under it.

For instance, the caster’s wheels will not get stuck. Even when there is mud or gravel accumulated near the gate area. This is because a well-designed gate caster has a spring installed inside. This spring is able to absorb the shock of any inconsistent irregularities that may be present on the ground. Hence, this feature allows you to swiftly maneuver the gate without any hassle or restrictions.


3.  Opens up a New World

Previously, I was under the impression that the wheeled gates had to be made from a particular material. And that its operation on a rough land like a farm was impossible. However, my experience with caster gates has made me realize that this isn’t true.

In reality, caster gates can mount on all kinds of gates (metal, wood, and vinyl). They are super easy to install and don’t require any extra repairs once installed. This knowledge gave me a chance to look at a wider range of options for my driveway door.


4.  No off Fence

One of the things my uncle told me was that his fences usually got off balance if the gate mechanism was out of order. This meant that his maintenance charges really shot through the roof during bad weather. Not to mention the numerous times the gate got dismantled due to a hyper horse or curious farm animal.

However, after installing the gate caster, he felt more relaxed. That is because the caster prevented the gate post from receiving any undue stress. It kept the fences leveled and free of any damage. In addition to that, it took care of the hinges and fence posts without interruption from his livestock.

In the end, it doesn’t matter where you live. If you have trouble operating your gates then you must give gate casters a try. I assure you that installing one will make your life a lot easier. More importantly, it will reduce the bill for gate maintenance on your annual budgeting.

What do you think? Are you interested in taking it out for a slide?


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