Tech Team caster wheels are made from premium materials and feature a grip ring stem for a simple and quick installation

Tech Team 76mm Chair Caster Wheel Set

One of the most common issues with office chairs is broken casters, either due to poor construction or low quality. But don’t worry, even if the wheels have come off, it doesn’t mean that you have to throw the chair away. You can still use the chair and make it as good as new again only by replacing the casters and incurring a fraction of the costs than if you were to buy a new chair.

But wait, don’t go and simply buy any caster wheel out there or the chair will likely break again. There are several brands available such as: Zitriom, Slipstick, The Office Oasis, Office Owl, Sunnie Dog, and Seddox. Instead opt for Tech’s Team caster wheel set, which features a simple design and can easily be installed without requiring only every day tools.  Plus, the polyurethane wheels roll well on all kinds of flooring and are ideal for use with office chairs, and other moving furniture pieces.


Every Tech Team wheel set contains 5 pieces, made from polyurethane plastic and steel.

At a glance

  • Designed to protect all kinds of floor including tile, hardwood, and laminate.
  • Can be used with any kind of chair
  • Able to tolerate heavy loads- up to 250 lbs.
  • Made from a quality and durable material, and lasts for prolonged periods
  • Installed using the pull and snap technology; no tools are required for the job
  • Prevents scratches on your floor
  • Can manage loads of 250 lbs. or more
  • 3 inches in diameter wheel; with a 0.42 inch stem

Some details about caster wheel

A caster wheel is attached to every leg of a chair, so that it can easily move across the floor. The primary components include a stem, mount, and the wheel itself. Some casters may have other components as well depending on the application.


Each caster wheel in this 5 piece set has a diameter of 76 mm or 3 inches, and rolls out smoothly on hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and even carpeted floors. The stem of every caster wheel has a dimension of 10.8 mm or 0.4 in, which perfectly fits 98% of all office chairs.


Every caster wheel features ball bearings which enable a smooth rotation on any surface.


Caster wheels for office chairs can handle heavy use, and can be easily moved without requiring too much force. Since only quality materials are used, their construction is quite durable.

Simple to install

The best part about buying Tech Team’s 5 piece caster wheel set is that it requires no additional tools for installation. At the most, you only need a pry bar with which you can remove the old caster wheel from the chair. Once done, fix the new wheel to the chair socket, and apply a slight pressure pushing it upwards. The stem should glide firmly into the base of the chair.

Stem Style

Casters are available with different stem types. All the wheels in this set are of the grip ring type, featuring a groove at the top. A steel ring or the grip ring is attached. When this stem is inserted in the socket of the chair leg, the steel ring applies tension on the sides and secures the caster stem.


Each Tech Team set of 5 caster wheels offers an array of benefits.  For starters, they make it so easy to move office chairs to simply any part of the office, eliminating the hassles associated with chairs without wheels. When you’re changing the interior setup of your office or moving to a new place, this is really useful.

Caster wheels offered by other brands are prone to breakage, but when you buy Tech Team products, this isn’t an issue. Their caster wheels are made from durable materials, and last for many years.

These wheels swivel, moving in a straight line.

Tips for installing Tech Team caster wheels

  • Generally, you should be able to remove the broken caster by pulling it firmly. If this doesn’t work, use a set of pliers to unsecure the stem from its place.
  • If you can’t push the stem completely in the leg socket, use a lubricant like oil or petroleum jelly on the stem till the grip ring, and then slide it inside. If you still don’t succeed, squeeze the ring so that it becomes smaller.
  • If the stem appears to be too loose, you should try and expand the ring slightly. This will ensure that the casters stay in place. Use a paper tape around the caster stem for tightening purposes may be required.


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