A Builder’s Secret Weapon:  The Pry Bar

Did you know? A pry bar is the most understated tool of the century.

Honestly speaking, no one openly talks about it in the tradesman industry. Hammer’s, drills, screwdrivers, and the other tools are all over the mainstream media. But the pry bar lies away from the limelight in the bottom of the toolbox.

The only time a pry bar is mentioned is when we talk about burglars and thieves. It is very sad to know that one associates this nifty tool with illegal actions. When in reality, it is one of the greatest assets of any mechanic or carpenter out there.

How would I know? Well, I have been in the building business for over a decade. So you’d think I know all about my tools by now and there are several good brands such as: Mayhew, Tekton, Apex, Milwaukee, Solex, Craftsman, and Vaughn. However, Tech Team’s 5 pc Pry Bar Set https://www.amazon.com/Mechanics-Prybars-Chisel-Angled-Rolling-Head/dp/B07CSBZ4ZM?crid=38PE1F4WM861O&keywords=pry+bar+set&qid=1539029640&sprefix=pry+bar+set%2Caps%2C149&sr=8-9&ref=sr_1_9 is the perfect item.

Am I right?

Not only that, but it is also great for mechanics, farmers, and your average DIY craftsmen that keeps knocking in and off stuff around the house. So if you are a new-age DIY builder I think you need to reap the benefits of this great tool.

Are you wondering what I am rambling about? Let me enlighten you with some insider’s knowledge about building stuff.


The Basics: What Is a Pry Bar?

A pry bar is occasionally referred to as a crowbar or jimmy bar. Originally it was a cane shaped iron bar that was pretty heavy. Fortunately for you, the traditional 12-inch pry bar has been modified. It now comes in different shapes and sizes that fit the job required for it.

The new set of pry bar features:

  • Chiseled tips that make them easy to slip between objects
  • Light-weight shape that makes it easy to carry around in your back pocket or tool belt
  • Angled tips that come in handy if you are seeking leverage
  • Variety of sizes ranging from 24 inches to 8 inches

Believe it or not! These small modifications have made our lives easier! And I will tell you exactly how we do our jobs with our trusty pry bars.


The Work: What Is a Pry Bar Used For?

Here is a short list of stuff you can accomplish with this small piece of metal:

1. The Break Down: What If You Made a Mistake?

Yes, yes. I know.

You might be wondering why a builder is talking about demolishing the project. Well, it is because my experience tells me that when you are building things, you have to have an idea of how to dismantle them too. That is because sometimes we make mistakes. And starting from scratch is not a viable option.

Additionally, we are always called in for renovations and demolition projects too. This is where our pry bars come in handy. They are the perfect tool to pull out those rusty nails and stubborn bolts that were drilled in with perfection.

Think about it! How many times have you screamed in frustration when you had the need to take out a bolted nail? Or maybe had to dismantle a sloppy mistake? The answer is a one too many. Am I right?

So the next time you make a mistake. Don’t make a noise! Just sneak out your pry bar and pull out those pesky nails.

As simple as that!

2. Leverage: The One Man Show

You might think that installing doors and floors requires teamwork. I must confess that sometimes it doesn’t. If you have the right tool then you can singlehandedly get the door up. What? How is this possible?

Basically, the main reason you need a buddy is for lifting, right? Well, your curved edge of the pry bar is designed for just this purpose. All you have to do is place the pry bar upside-down and place your door on top of it. Then use this leverage to solve the trimming problem.

3. The Miscellaneous: Everything You Need

Lastly, the pry bar is useful for other small tasks too, like:

  • Removing old/cracked tiles
  • Prying out studs, bolts
  • Loosening rusty hard-to-budge small parts like screws
  • Scraping off old paint jobs and carpet adhesives
  • Separating the wall layers

In short, it can do almost everything. More importantly, the sturdy grip and slim contour allows you to get access to the tiniest of spaces. That is why we builders can slip it into cramped up spaces without any trouble.

What do you think? Hopefully, you will no longer underestimate the power of a pry bar ever again!

Do You Wish to Satisfy Some Prying Needs?

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