Tech Team | Chair Caster Wheel Set

Tech Team 3 Inch-76mm Chair Caster Wheel Set (2)

Managing an office space requires keeping a keen eye on numerous things. The list of things you have to manage includes kitchen supplies, office maintenance, and later down the list, chair caster wheels. You don’t want your staff to sit on a chair with a broken caster wheel and risk falling, do you? All you need to handle such issues in the workplace is to get the 76 mm chair caster wheel set from Tech Team .

The casters in this set can be installed under your chair to ensure the optimal working of the wheel. Most office chairs come with pre-installed wheels that tend to wreak havoc on your flooring. The inexpensive materials used in manufacturing such caster wheels leave marks everywhere, which can be fine for a warehouse, but certainly not for offices or your home.

Also, chairs with worn casters are often imbalanced, and they only get worse with time and use. Again, this is because theses chairs have old or worn caster wheels.

All you need is the Tech Team 76mm Chair Caster Wheel Set and you’re well on your way to handling any trouble that you current chairs might be causing you. There are many brands available such as: Seddox, Office Owl, Office Oasis, Zitriom, Slipstick, and Sunnie Dog but we liked Tech Team the best.

Some Highlights and Features

  • The size of the caster wheel stem is perfect for all kinds of office and home chairs. The 10.8mm or 0.42″ is the regular size used in most office chairs, which is why you can expect the caster wheels to fit perfectly.
  • This wheel caster set helps combat the nuisance of factory fitted caster wheels, as it ensures smooth rotation. This rotation reduces the appearance of all kinds of scratches on your office or home flooring.
  • The bearings placed in each caster are extremely important. Wheels with poor ball bearings tend to wear out earlier than others that have good solid bearings. This solid wheel caster set comes with adequately placed ball bearings that allow smooth rotation and movement.
  • The installation process is extremely simple, and does not require any expertise from your side. All you need for handling this job is a screwdriver to maybe pry the old, damaged caster from its place and fix this one. The process for installation is extremely simple to follow for all.
  • The set comes with 5 casters that you can use on any standard office chair.

Durability and Benefits

These caster wheels come equipped with all the features needed to handle whatever stress is placed upon your chair. They can handle a sufficient amount of weight, while still performing to their best ability. Their sturdiness can be gauged by the fact that not much force is required to move around on a chair with these wheels. Just one easy push and you’d be headed in the direction you want.

There are also numerous other benefits that come along with this set of 5 caster wheels by Tech Team:

  • These wheels make moving chairs extremely easy. There are no hassles involved and no signs of friction on your floor.
  • These caster wheels by Tech Team are extremely durable. They can outlive those by other brands, and they have a covering of premium polyurethane with an effective ball bearing.
  • The installation process is extremely simple, and you don’t need a toolbox or any other special equipment to manage it. Just take the previous wheels out, and install these in their place.

Installing the Caster Wheels by Tech Team

The installation process can be implemented through the following tips.

  • Firmly pull the broken caster that you want to replace out of place. Get a set of pliers if pulling doesn’t do the job for you.
  • Push the caster wheel by Tech Team into place after putting some petroleum jelly on the ring.

If you feel that the ring is a bit too lose, try to put some wrapping tape around it so that it fits into place perfectly and there is no slack in the fitting process.