Wheelbarrow Tire and Tube Set #00752

Wheelbarrow Tire and Tube Set #00752

Wheelbarrow Cart, Mower, Hand Truck, Tire and Tube Set, Size 4.00 – 8, 16” Outside Diameter Rubber Tire, Rubber Inner Tube, Shrader Style Tire Valve Included. By Tech Team




– Size 4.00 – 8.

– Rubber tire.

– Rubber inner tube.

– Tire valve included.

Product Details

Replacing a damaged wheelbarrow tire is a more economical choice than buying a whole new wheelbarrow.  With some hand tools and a good replacement, the process takes less time than it takes to drive to the hardware store and back, and a fraction of the cost.

The Tech Team Wheelbarrow Tire and Tube Set includes a size 4.00 – 8 rubber tire and a rubber inner tube.

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