#00753 –Tech Team #753 Wheelbarrow – Cart 4.00 – 8 Tire Tube, Includes 2 Inner Tubes

#00753 –Tech Team #753 Wheelbarrow – Cart 4.00 – 8 Tire Tube, Includes 2 Inner Tubes

Tech Team’s Wheelbarrow / Garden Cart 4.00 – 8 Tire Inner Tubes, includes 2 inner tubes with valves.

Replacement Inner Tubes, 4.00-8 for Wheelbarrows, Lawnmowers, Utility Carts, Garden Carts, Hand Trucks with Schrader Style Tire Valve and Stem






  • Fits all Size 4.00 – 8 Tires/wheels 16” outside diameter. It is not necessary to replace an entire wheel and tire when any handy person can simply replace the inner tube with simple hand tools.
  • 100% rubber tire inner tube. Top quality #1 virgin rubber commercial, industrial quality.
  • Tire valve included.  Maximum pressure 25 PSI cold.
  •  These inner tubes/wheels will fit a wide range of outdoor and industrial equipment such as: lawn mowers, wheelbarrows, garden carts, rototillers, lawn vacuums, wood splitters, chippers, utility carts, some tractors, etc.

Product Details

They are an Economical Solution – Simply replacing the tube allows you to avoid the expense of replacing an entire tire and/or wheel to get your device rolling again. Replacement is a simple process which can be performed with basic hand tools.

Fits all Common 4.80 Wheels and Fits 4.80/4.00-8” tires and wheels. These are replacement inner tubes for 15.5” -16” outside diameter tires. Fits the following size tires: 4.80-400-8, 4.0-8, 480/400-8, 4.80-8, 4.8-4-8, 480- 400-8, 4.8/4.0-8, 400/4.80, 4.80-4.00-8.30 PSI maximum inflation.Always wear approved safety glasses when inflating tires. Many Applications- Common applications are wheelbarrows, garden utility carts, wagons, generators, snowblowers, riding lawnmowers, tractors, hand trucks, air compressors, wood chippers, pressure washers.High Quality- Made from high quality rubber material with welded seams to accept up to 30 pounds per square inch pressure.

When a tire goes flat, typically it’s the tube that is at fault, not the tire. Replacing a damaged tire inner tube is a more economical choice than buying a whole new tire, or a whole new wheelbarrow or cart.  With some hand tools and a good replacement, the process takes less time than it takes to drive to the hardware store and back, and a fraction of the cost.

The Tech Team Wheelbarrow – Cart 4.00 – 8 Tire Tube set includes two (2) size 4.00 – 8 rubber inner tubes, with tire valve included.

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