#00716 –Tech Team #716 – 4” Spring-Loaded Gate Caster

#00716 –Tech Team #716 – 4” Spring-Loaded Gate Caster

Tech Team’s 4-Inch Solid Rubber, Spring Loaded Zinc Plated Gate Caster, 125 Pound Capacity




5, 6, and 7 bar tubular steel agricultural gates are made in widths from 4 feet up to 20 feet. Needless to say, a gate that is 6, 8, 10, 12 feet in width or longer puts tremendous stress on the hinge post and the upper hinge. Ultimately this leads to the lower corner at the far end of the gate dipping and eventually dragging on the ground. Not only is this inconvenient, but eventually this leads to deterioration of the lower corner of the gate, and certainly results in misalignment at the latch side of the gate. There are gate wheels on the market that are intended to correct this, but almost all of them have a maximum wheel diameter of 8” and use pneumatic tires. The small diameter tires, of course, make it difficult to roll over rough or uneven surfaces, and the fact that they are pneumatic means that they require sufficient air pressure to retain their integrity. There is nothing worse than trying to move a heavy gate in the middle of winter when the wheel has a flat tire.

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Tech Team has developed a totally new approach to solving this problem. The Tech Team #00767 agricultural gate wheel uses a 16” diameter flat free wheel and tire assembly that rides on a 5/8” diameter axel and two sets of ball bearings. It will never go flat and always rides smoothly, even over uneven surfaces. In addition, due to the fact that it is flat free, there is never a worry about having to bring a hand pump or compressor to fill the tire. The unit is designed for agricultural and industrial type use with a ¼” thick/ 6mm mounting plate that uses three 3/8”/10mm diameter saddle clamps so that it can be securely attached to 1 5/8” – 2” diameter tubular steel agricultural gates. In addition, it is designed so that the wheel can ride as close as 1” below the bottom of the gate or up to 10” below, giving it a wide range of applications. Typical installation takes less than 15 minutes and can be done with a simple open-end wrench.

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