#00733Tech Team #733Chair Caster Wheel Set, 76mm, 5 Casters

#00733Tech Team #733Chair Caster Wheel Set, 76mm, 5 Casters

Tech Team’s #733 76mm Office and Gaming Chair Replacement Caster Wheels Set for Damaged Chair Casters, 5 Pieces




Tech Team’s #733 – 10.8mm (.42”) grip ring stem casters fit most office, gaming or desk chairs. The- 76mm (3”) caster rolls smoothly on most non-carpeted floor surfaces. Precision bushings in each caster allow for smooth rotation. – No tools are necessary for installation, but a screwdriver to help pry the old caster off may make things easier.  Be sure to wear ANSI approved safety glasses- Set of 5 Casters.

Product Details

Don’t throw away old office chairs because of broken or low-quality casters.  Replace the casters for a fraction of the cost of a new chair.  The Tech Team #733 – 76mm Chair Caster Wheel Set rolls and turns easily on most office floor surfaces.  Set includes 5 casters

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