#00732 – Tech Team’s #732 8” x 8” Granite Countertop Brackets, 4 Brackets

#00732 – Tech Team’s #732 8” x 8” Granite Countertop Brackets, 4 Brackets

Tech Team’s #732- 8 Inch x 8 Inch Granite Countertop Bracket Feature Heavy-Duty Solid Steel Construction and a Powder Coat Finish




The brackets are perfect for marble, granite, quartz, or cement counter tops. They feature one-piece construction with no welds to break and beveled edges give a finished look. They have a durable black powder coat finish and pre-drilled 1/4” (6mm) counter sunk holes for a flush fit and each one can handle 150 lbs.  Includes four (4) Brackets.

Product Details

The Tech Team 8” x 8” Granite Countertop Brackets are made from heavy-duty carbon steel with a smooth, durable powder coat finish. The bracket set is perfect for invisibly supporting an overhanging counter for a clean, elegant look in a kitchen. The set includes 2 brackets.

The weight capacity of the bracket is in direct proportion to how and what it is mounted to. Each individual bracket can easily support 150 lbs.  However, it must be mounted to a wood support member that can support at least the same weight.  We have not included mounting screws as the length of the screw required will be dependent upon the wood member the bracket is anchored to. Intended for use as a countertop support bracket for counter tops supported by an adequate number of uniformly spaced brackets.

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