#00930 Tech Team – Gate Slide Bolt

#00930 Tech Team – Gate Slide Bolt

Tech Team #930 – Gate Slide Bolt




  • Residential garden gate drop rods are not adequate solutions for farm and cattle gates. Cattle, and especially horses, can defeat these devices. What is needed is something that is both purpose built and heavy duty.This is where Tech Team®’s E-Z – OPEN® #929 drop rod is exactly the right solution. No welding necessary, installs in minutes with a wrench or ratchet.

Product Details

  • The design and construction is rugged enough for serious pressure from animals. It includes 3mm thick stamped and precision welded brackets with a corrosion and rust resistant 96-hour salt spray rated zinc electroplate finish. The rod is 15” long and a very robust 20mm (nominal ¾”) diameter, strong enough to keep the most rambunctious animals contained. The set installs without welding, a combination wrench or ratchet does the job in just a few minutes. The brackets have been punched so the clamps make a perfect fit on 11/2”, 1 3/4” or 2” tubular steel vertical or horizontal farm gate members. In addition, there are ample round holes for mounting to wood posts or gates. The clamps have been custom manufactured with a flat inside radius so that they make maximum contact and grip on tubular steel gate members without crimping or crushing.

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