#00877 Tech Team #877 10 Piece Nylon Artist’s Brush Set

#00877 Tech Team #877 10 Piece Nylon Artist’s Brush Set

#00877 10 Piece Nylon Artist’s Brush Set





#00878 Artist’s 100% Nylon Bristle Paint Brush Set

Product Details

100 percent nylon bristle in various sizes and shapes.For several reasons, different artists like to use different types of brushes for different applications. As a result, over time, a wide range of brushes have been developed to suit various applications and various preferences. In order to accommodate the various applications and preferences Tech Team has developed 4 different affordable sets of artist brushes.


All Tech Teamprofessional artist’s brushes are 100 percent top quality.Whether you are using oil paint, acrylic, or watercolor you’ll be able to find a Tech Team artist brush that’s going to suit your needs perfectly. Our brushes come in a variety of different configurations. We have fine point detail brushes, flattip and filbert style brushes. Obviously, the brush that you choose is going to be the one that you feel is best for the type of work you’re doing and also the medium that you’re using. If we tried to tell you which brush to use for a particular application, we’d only find ourselves getting into trouble.

Regardless of the type of bristle being used or the shape, all of our brushes are put together exactly the same way. First the bristles are combed and then shaped, then they’re put into a brass plated aluminum ferrell, then glue is put into the ferrell so it runs down around the bristles and solidly anchors them and of course, most important, keeps any bristles that may become loose firmly in place. The handle is then put into the ferrell and a crimping machine makes a secure double crimp to firmly fix the handle to the ferrell and bristle assembly.But, that’s not all. In order to get the really neat gray-black color scheme on our handles it’s a 3 step process. First, the handle is dipped into grey paint 100%, then the handle is dipped into the black paint, the black paint is then allowed to dry and the handle is finally dipped into the grey paint once more then allowed to dry and you have your completely painted handle. Then each brush is put into a pad printer and the appropriate identification information is stamped onto each one.

If you look at the handle of a typical artist’s paintbrush, you’re going to notice that it has a bulge, not a uniform taper from one end to the other, but a sort of bulge and then it tapers. The reason is that when you grab a fistful of brushes the bulge of the handle forces the bristles away from each other so if you have a bunch of brushes with  different colored paint on them one set of bristles is not going to contaminate the other ones.

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