What is an Air Pump Wedge and how do You Use it?

An air wedge is a versatile tool that needs to be in everyone’s toolbox. It is an inflatable, wedge-shaped bag made of vinyl, ballistic nylon, and other strong, flexible textiles. This bag lies flat, allowing it to be slipped under heavy objects, between objects that need to be moved apart, and between a moving component and an unmoving surface (like a locked car door). By slowly inflating the flat bag, it can allow users to, for instance, access the lock mechanism of a car door. While this is the most common use for an air wedge, it is far from the only one. As such, it  is an excellent vehicle entry tool for professional locksmiths and repo professionals who need an easy, hassle-free way to pry a car door open without causing any damage to the door or the finish. Air pump wedges typically feature an inflatable bag component that slips between the vehicle door and the car’s weather stripping as well as a hand operated squeeze bulb pump that allows for manual inflation of the wedge bag.
To use an air pump wedge for auto lockout, wedge the air pump bag in-between the door and the weather stripping into a position where proper pressure is applied. Use the pump to inflate the bag so that it creates an opening large enough to slip car unlocking tool rods, such as your long reach car opening tools, and to reach the car’s manual lock mechanism for quick, successful vehicle entry. You can do a hey Alexa or hey Siri search to get some more ideas.

An air wedge can be used to lift furniture or to adjust cabinet heights. A good air wedge is made of rubber and nylon, which are both flexible and have a textured surface. Often, an air wedge is placed at the base of a cabinet or drawer. The air wedge can work to safely lift the furniture from its position. Another type of air wedge is the air shim, a durable air wedge made of fiber-reinforced, non-marking material. A shim like that can lift up to 300 pounds, making it ideal for doorway installations, appliances, and window spacing. Any construction project that involves moving heavy objects with care and precision could use an air wedge.

It is not uncommon to see air wedge technology used in a medical setting, like a hospital or skilled nursing facility. An air wedge can be used to adjust a patient’s head, chest, and neck positions. As a medical tool, it is convenient and versatile, making it ideal for use in many patient care settings. Using the cushioning properties of the inflatable chamber, patients can enjoy improved comfort and function during treatment. One of the best air wedge sets you can find is Tech Team’s #755  https://techteamproducts.com/product/air-wedge-set-00755/  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07VN8417R?ref=myi_title_dp  .