#00755 –Tech Team #755 Inflatable Air Wedge Set

#00755 –Tech Team #755 Inflatable Air Wedge Set

Tech Team’s #755 Inflatable Air Wedge Set is perfect for Aligning Automotive Parts, Leveling Cabinets, Doors, Windows, and Furniture .It is Internally Reinforced and has 300 lb. Capacity, and Flexible Hose with Hand Pump, Set of 2




The Tech Team #755 2 piece Air Wedge Set allows precise alignment and leveling for installing spacing and clearance shims for new construction, installation of doors, windows, cabinets, and also for remodeling. Allows one person to level kitchen appliances, and plumbing fixtures.

Assists with aligning automotive parts and components, and also permits separation of automotive and pickup trucks windows from the frame to permit access to gain entry to an accidentally locked out vehicle with the keys inside.

Product Details

Cleverly designed with round corners and a ridgid internal stiffener and smooth surface to facilitate easy insertion in tight places. Will fit gaps as small as 4mm/ 1/8” and will expand to 2.25”/ 57mm and support up to a 300lb. load.

They make a very efficient replacement for the typical leverage tools used for aligning and leveling such as prybars, crowbars, screwdrivers, and wedges which can easily nick, gouge and damage appliances, cabinets, and plumbing fixtures. They also allow a single person to effectively and accurately level and install windows, doors, cabinets, household appliances, etc.

Includes one (1) internally reinforced 7 1/4” x 4 3/8” (185 mm x 110 mm) wedge with 300 lb. capacity and one (1) internally reinforced 10 1/2” x 5” (265 mm x 130 mm) wedge with300 lb. capacity.  Each wedge includes a convenient 19 5/8” (500 mm) control tube with hand pump for accessing tight spaces

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