Replace Worn Office Chair or Gaming Chair Casters

A lot of furniture manufacturers see casters as an afterthought and use cheap casters for their applications. This makes purchasing aftermarket casters a worthwhile investment. Casters are a much less modern invention than most may expect. However, chair casters weren’t patented until  1876 by  American inventor David A. Fisher, who recognized the need for workers to be more mobile and comfortable in the workplace. A caster is a wheel attached to an object to allow it to be moved. It can have a single, double, or compound wheel and may be a ball. Casters are used in many applications including homes, business, warehouses, and factories. One common example is furniture casters which allow an office chair to easily move in different directions. The National Institutes of Health recommends a five-point base for task chairs with casters for maximum stability and decreased chances of chair tipping. Today’s casters are typically made of a variety of materials including glass, leather, plastic, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, rubber and nylon. The different materials used to make caster wheels each serve a unique purpose based on their firmness. Hard wheel casters are best suited for carpeted floor, whereas soft wheel casters are made for wood, tile, linoleum and chair mats. The way a caster is built to rotate is also important. There are different types of casters however, we are most interested in swivel casters which allow an object to rotate a full 360. Such as those on an office chair or gaming chair. If you need to replace a caster on your office chair, be sure to replace all 5 casters and not just one. To replace a caster remove the caster and measure the length and diameter of the stem. This is especially important so the balance and alignment of the casters is not negatively affected, which can increase chances of chair tipping. Using hard casters on a hard floor is dangerous and should be avoided. It can lead to accidents or injury, and will destroy both the floor and the casters over time.

Which caster you choose depends on your needs. Black Hooded Twin Wheel Casters are available with 50mm Polyurethane Wheels and will work well on either hard floor surfaces or short pile carpet. It will not mark or scratch any hardwood floors.  Casters with Twin Soft Rubber Wheels are also a popular choice. They are available with 2″ wheels ( 50mm ). The soft rubber wheels neither scratch nor mark hardwood or any hard floor surface. Tech Team’s #733 office and gaming chair replacement casters come in a 5 caster  set and are an excellent choice for all applications.

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