Sports for ADHD Adults and Children

Sports for ADHD Adults and Children


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, also known as ADHD, is typically associated with the inability to concentrate and focus. Playing and participating in a sport or being on a team may, therefore, become problematic. Whether a child or an adult is diagnosed with ADHD, sports are more of a challenge for these individuals than most. An individual with ADHD, however, can incorporate sports into his or her life. Sports do not have to be left out of their lives. There are a few ways to achieve this goal.

If a child is diagnosed with ADHD at an early age, an early introduction of social interaction and sporting games is more beneficial as well. For adults who are diagnosed with ADHD, different choices are available.

Things to Consider: High Intensity Sports

Some sports may be better than others for adults and children with ADHD. For example, high intensity sports that involve a lot of action may assist a child in thriving as compared to a sport such as baseball where they may be a lot of waiting around involved.

Engaging in a game of ice hockey may be the perfect sport of choice for either an adult or a child with ADHD. The intensity of the game and the constant movement may be well suited to them. For the same reason skeet or sporting clays which are high intensity may be appropriate.

A sport such as soccer is also a good choice. Running around on a soccer field where there is constant action may offer a benefit for those with ADHD, both adult and child.

Things to Consider: Individual Sports

A person with ADHD may also want to consider some options other than fast-paced, fast-moving sports such as hockey or soccer. Since those with ADHD typically have an inability to focus for long periods of time or may tend to let their thoughts wander, an individual sport may be best suited to them.

Bowling is another option for those with ADHD, since there is not a lot of one-on-one interaction going on. Just like bowling, cornhole games require constant attention and focus and building the game fixture is also a great ADHD project. Plans and instructions are easily found online. The only specialized tool you will need is a 6” diameter hole saw. These are made by several companies including Tech Team Their item 756 does the job.

Tennis and swimming, as well as wrestling, may also be great alternatives to higher impact sports.

Whether you are considering a high intensity sport such as hockey or an individual sport such as swimming, being involved and active in sports regardless of having ADHD is imperative to social and emotional wellbeing.