Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas


On move-in day at college all over the country, all of the rooms start out looking the same: bland, generic and beige. The institution-provided desks, chairs and dressers are boring at best and scuffed and scratched at worst. Sometimes even broken.


Talk to your roommate during the summer to plan your room decorations. That way, you can set it up easily and quickly, and start settling in to your “home away from home.” Some things to consider are:


  1. Dorm windows may be bare, or they may come with blinds or shades. Twin flat sheets make easy no-sew curtain panels. Simply thread the hem pocket through tension rods, which require no tools or installation. Choose sheets that coordinate with your bedding or go for sheer panels. Tie-backs can be made from all kinds of fun materials: contrasting ribbons, graduation cords, men’s neckties, bandanas, or Mardi Gras beads. Get the adhesive-backed hooks that don’t damage walls to anchor a tie-back that reflects your style.


  1. Dorm rooms are notorious for poor lighting. Limited surfaces for placing lamps, as well as the need to be considerate of sleeping roommates, makes lighting a challenge. Simple white Christmas lights can be used creatively to add both light and glamour to a dorm room. You can make chandeliers or individual lanterns from heavy paper, such as wallpaper samples, to arrange on the small white lights. Paint chips can also be assembled to make funky lamps. Just be careful of fire hazards.


  1. Dorm floors are usually cold, beige tile. A carpet will add warmth, both to the feel of the room and to your feet in the morning. The best carpet color will be one that can disguise dirt and spills. Choose an inexpensive rug that you can discard at the end of the year.


  1. Matching comforter sets will look pretty, but you might see the same combination in all your friends’ rooms. Look for reversible comforters with a solid color on one side so you can show some personality with pillows. At the end of the day you probably will not make up the bed so who cares?


  1. Easy throw pillows and shams can be made from pillowcases and sheets. Look at yard sales or thrift shops for retro patterns that will coordinate yet add some pop to your comforter. Pillows made from polar fleece material may seem outdated but making them with your new school or Greek colors is still popular. Pillows made from favorite concert or sports team t-shirts are a colorful way to remember good times. They are also fun conversation starters when people stop by your room.


  1. One or two meaningful posters are a time-honored way to decorate a dorm room. Keep in mind sensibilities — your roommate’s, your visitors’, and your parents’ — when choosing where to display risqué posters. If you are allowed to have framed pictures and posters make sure you use safe and secure hanging hardware. Some of the best is the French cleat. Several companies make these but one of the best is Tech Team Their 735, 736, and 737 Extruded Aluminum Hanger Sets are not only the best, but they also include a handy level.


  1. Vinyl wall decals are hot. You can personalize your room with quotes, faux wallpaper, cut-out designs like frames, bicycles and flowers, sports team logos and Greek letters. They work great on cinderblock walls and can be removed easily without a trace.


In summary while Facebook and smart phones help alleviate homesickness for this generation of college kids, creative homey decorating touches can make a dorm room feel like home.