#00794 -Tech Team T-Bolt Hose Clamp 36-41mm

#00794 -Tech Team T-Bolt Hose Clamp 36-41mm

Tech Team’s #794 #304 Stainless Steel 794 T-Bolt Hose Clamp measures .75” (19 mm) Wide, 1.4” (36 mm) – 1.6” (41 mm) Diameter and is Perfect for High Pressure Automotive Applications.Includes 4 clamps




Tech Team utilizes a nylon insert lock nut to maintain tension and avoid loosening even in applications with vibrations or temperature changes. The #304 stainless steel used for the band, trunnion, and thread is strong and corrosion resistant. Extra-wide 0.75” (19 mm) wide bands provide a strong grip without pinching the hose or fitting and have rounded edges around the trunnion to prevent damage to the hose.

  • Includes four (4) hose clamps.

Product Details

T-bolt hose clamps are ideal for high-pressure applications and ones that have vibrations and or temperature changes, such as automotive air Intake hoses and radiator hoses.  #304 stainless steel is corrosion resistant.  The bands are triple spot welded to maintain their strength in harsh conditions.

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