#00839 –Tech Team Sawtooth Picture Hangers, 75 Pieces

#00839 –Tech Team Sawtooth Picture Hangers, 75 Pieces

Sawtooth Picture Hangers, Support Pictures, Mirrors, and Wall Decorations, Includes 25 Hangers and hardware, by Tech Team





  • Easily hang pictures, mirrors, and wall decorations.
  • Attaches to wood picture frames, mirror frames, or wall decorations.
  • Use a finishing nail, or screw (not included) to mount on the wall.
  • Includes 25 hangers and 50 screws.

Product Details

The Tech Saw tooth Picture Hangers allow for easy mounting of pictures, mirrors or wall decorations.  Keep in mind that, ultimately, the weight capacity of each hanger will depend on the strength of the material they are being attached to.  Picture frames can be delicate and may require pilot holes to be drilled to prevent splitting.  The set includes 25 hooks and 50 nails.

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