#00746 – Tech Team #746 Replacement Furniture Floor Glide Set, 4 Pieces

#00746 – Tech Team #746 Replacement Furniture Floor Glide Set, 4 Pieces

Tech Team’s #746 Replacement Leveling Feet and Glides, Protect Flooring from Chairs, Tables, Workbenches, Cabinets, Nylon Feet, 3” Stem, 5/16” Thread, 4 Pieces, Includes 4 prong T-Nuts




– Use Tech Team’s #746 replacement furniture floor glide set to replacebroken furniture feet and level uneven furniture.  Quickly and easily level all types of furniture in offices, homes, bedrooms, and kitchens.Reduce friction and noise when sliding furniture.  The hard nylon surface levelers are perfect on hardwood, tile, laminate, carpeting, and rugs. The nylon glides will not mar or scratch.

– Made from bright zinc plated solid steel with a smooth sturdy nylon base on the bottom of the foot and can adjust up to 2 ¾” in height.Imperial / SAE 5/16” thread x 3” tall stems for leveling with 4 prong, 5/16” insert T-nuts. – Smooth nylon floor contact surface.  Steel stem and T-nuts.

– Set includes 4 glides and 4 T-nuts.

Product Details

The Tech Team Replacement Floor Guide Set protects hard floors such as tile, laminates, or hardwood from scratches.  They reduce friction and noise when sliding furniture over hard surfaces.  Stem and t-nuts are 5/16” thread.

Installation is easy for the average homeowner. Simply drill a hole the diameter of the T nut making sure that the hole goes at least 3 1/2” deep, take the 4 prong T nut, tap it into place, and then thread the leveler into the T nut. This way you have a wide range of height adjustments. There is also a nut that’s already threaded onto the stem. This nut can be used to lock the leveler in place. On a heavy table or bench that’s already standing on the floor, leveling and readjusting is a simple task. Back off the jam nut, and then simply turn the hex nut that’s on the foot of the adjuster, turning it clockwise reduces the height, turning it counterclockwise increases the height. Adjustment takes only seconds. The 5/16” threaded stem is capable of supporting 125lbs. so a set of 4 can easily support a 500lb. weight. Each set includes 4 levelers, 4 jam nuts, and 4 4 prong T nuts.

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