#00832 Tech Team Flint Replacement Set, 10 Pieces #00832

#00832 Tech Team Flint Replacement Set, 10 Pieces #00832

Flint Replacement Set, Flints for Single-Flint Spark Lighters, Strikers, Welding, Cutting, Brazing, Joining, Oxy-Acetylene, 10 Pieces, by Tech Team





  • – Perfectly sized replacement flints for single flint spark lighters.Each flint is secured in a knurled and threaded holder sized to fit round-style strikers.Handy Rubber retainer / magazine stores and keeps flints together. Set consists of two (2) rubber flint retainers, with five (5) flints each.  Ten (10) flints in total.

Product Details

The Tech Team Flint Replacement Set includes two (2) rubber flint-holders, with five (5) flints each.  The flints are knurled and threaded to fit round style strikers.  Always aim the torch away from the user when lighting.

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