#00827 -Tech Team Bed Rail End Caps, 8 Pieces

#00827 -Tech Team Bed Rail End Caps, 8 Pieces

Bed Rail End Caps, Black, Cover Bed Rail Ends to Protect Shins and Toes, Includes 8 Caps, by Tech Team



  • Fit the end caps over exposed or protruding ends of a metal bed frame.
  • Protect feet and shins from impact with a hard metal edge or corner. Protect pets and children that may be at eye-level with the bed frame.
  • End Caps are black to match the color of most metal bedframes.
  • Includes eight (8) end caps.

Product Details

Metal bed frame rails often have hard edges or corners leading to pain in the middle of the night when a shin or foot finds them in the dark.  The Tech Team Bed Rail End Caps fit over most bed frame rails to provide protection against this.  It also protects children and pets that may be eye-level with the bed frame.  Includes eight (8) end caps.

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