#00775 – Tech Team #775 Solid Rubber Caster Cups

#00775 – Tech Team #775 Solid Rubber Caster Cups

Tech Team’s Solid Rubber Caster Cups are 2” x 2” and Support Furniture Casters, Prevent Furniture Legs from Slipping and Skidding, andare Protect for Hardwood Floors, Set of 4




The caster cups protect hard, durable surfaces from the everyday movement of heavy furniture.  They protect carpeting from dents, depressions, pulls, and tears.  For use with sofas, chairs, curio cabinets, desks, work benches, and much more.To install simply slide the caster cup underneath the furniture leg or caster

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Tech Team’s #775 2” x 2” solid vinyl rubber caster cups perfectly fit standard 2” width furniture casters and prevent beds, pianos, sofas, chairs, tables, etc. from sliding and damaging hardwood floors, tile, linoleum, and carpeting because as the cups spread out the weight which can reduce indentations made by heavy furniture in carpet or rugs. The solid vinyl rubber provides strength and durability necessary to support bed frames, pianos, and heavy sofas. Supports both round and square wood, plastic, and metal furniture legs. Supports round and square wood and metal furniture legs. Set Includes four (4) caster cups. The Tech Team Solid Rubber Caster Cups are perfect for securing and supporting standard 2” or smaller furniture casters.  The solid rubber is durable and supportive and can accommodate square and round furniture legs.  The set includes four (4) caster cups.

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