#00869 –Tech Team #869 – 14 Compartment Pillbox

#00869 –Tech Team #869 – 14 Compartment Pillbox

1-2 Week Pillbox, Monday – Sunday, Each Row is Color-Coded, See-Through Lids, Keep Track of Daily Medications, 14 Compartments, Includes 1 Pillbox, by Tech Team





Organize and store 1-2 weeks of daily medications.  Keep track of pills at home or on vacation.

  • Each row is color-coded and labeled for AM and PM.
  • Each lid is Braille-marked – S, M, T, W, T, F, S.
  • Lids are see-through.
  • Includes one (1) pillbox.

Product Details

Tech Team’s 1-2 Week Pillbox has 14 cells in 2 color-coded rows.  Each row is labeled for Monday through Sunday.  Each row is also labeled as AM and PM.  As such, it can be used as a 1-week pillbox for medications that need multiple daily doses.  It can also be used as a 2-week pillbox for medications that need to be taken once daily.  All cell lids are see-through to easily see what medications have been taken and what is left in the pillbox.  Includes one (1) pillbox.

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