#00750–Tech Team #750 – 14” Bolt Cutter

#00750–Tech Team #750 – 14” Bolt Cutter

Tech Team 14” Bolt Cutter, Compound Action, Wire, Cable, Chain,Comfortable Grips, Snips, Hand Tools






The Tech Team#750 – 14” Bolt Cutter has Compound Action and Comfortable Grips for Cutting Wire, Cable, and Chain- Compound action and heavy-duty chrome-vanadium alloy steel jaws can cut through bolts, threaded rod, wire, mesh, mild steel chain links, wire fence, and more. The comfortable TPR (thermo plastic rubber) grips reduce fatigue and increase leverage. The jaws open to 0.5 inch (12.7 mm) maximum opening can handle 0.45 inch (11.4 mm) thick material. The adjustment screw sets the depth of the cut and allows realignment of worn blades.

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The Tech Team#750 – 14-inch bolt cutters are ideal for cutting wires, cables, mild steel chains,chain link fences, wire mesh, threaded rods, chicken wire fencing, fish hooks, and much more.  The heavy-duty alloy steel jaws and compound action maximize cutting power, while the comfortable grip makes these bolt cutters easy to use. If you need to cut proof steel chain or locks with hardened steel shackles you will need a special tool

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