#00936–Tech Team Fluted Dowel Pins, ½” x 2.0“- 100 Pieces

#00936–Tech Team Fluted Dowel Pins, ½” x 2.0“- 100 Pieces

#00936–Tech Team Fluted Dowel Pins, ½” x 2.0“- 100 Pieces



Tech Team’s #936 Fluted Birch Dowel Pins are ½” x 2” and are perfect for Dowel Joinery, Furniture Making, Woodworking, Chairs, Tables, Shelves, and Cabinets, 100 Pieces

Product Details

Tech Team’s Solid birch wood dowel pins are ideal for wood joining.  Birch wood is strong, dimensional stable, and has excellent glue holding characteristics. The flutes remove the need to cut a flat or groove to relieve pressure and any excess glue behind the dowel and they provide more surface area. Butt joints often need reinforcement, and dowels add the necessary strength and accuracy. Dowel pins measure ½” (.50”) in diameter x 2” in length. Includes 100 fluted dowel pins.

Butt joints are generally the weakest type of wood joint.  To strengthen that joint, dowels can be used to add dimensional stability and surface area for a stronger bond with the glue.  Hammering a round dowel into a round hole, especially with glue, can create a seal that traps air behind the dowel.  This pressurized air and glue can split the wood.  Fluted dowels prevent this by allowing multiple channels for air and excess glue to escape.  Birch is strong, stable, and is well-suited for dowels.

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