#00934 45pc. Fluted Birch Dowel Assortment

#00934 45pc. Fluted Birch Dowel Assortment

#00934 45 pc. Fluted Birch Dowel Assortment



Unless you’re a cabinet maker, furniture maker, wood worker or hobbyist, who uses hundreds of dowel pins, you probably only need a few to make a repair and if you’re not sure of the size, Tech Team’s #934 assortment is a great choice. The pack contains 15 each of the following popular sizes:  ¼”, 3/8”, and 5/16” fluted birch wood dowels.  The birch is one of the strongest woods used in joinery and the fluted design provides extra surface  area for a strong bond and it prevents the glue from forming a hydraulic plug which would keep the dowel from seating in the hole

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Butt joints are generally the weakest type of wood joint. To strengthen that joint, dowels can be used to add dimensional stability and surface area for a stronger bond with the glue. Hammering a round dowel into a round hole, especially with glue, can create a seal that traps air behind the dowel. This pressurized air and glue can split the wood. Fluted dowels prevent this by allowing multiple channels for air and excess glue to escape. Birch is strong, stable, and is well-suited for dowels.

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