#00891 – Tech Team #891 6-16mm Stainless Steel Gear Clamp 6 pcs.

#00891 – Tech Team #891 6-16mm Stainless Steel Gear Clamp 6 pcs.

#00891 – Tech Team #891 6-16mm Stainless Steel Gear Clamp 6 pcs.





The Tech Team #891 6-16mm stainless steel gear clamp can fit a wide range of applications.  We make 3 different sizes of compression clamps, 3 different sizes of constant tension spring clamps, and one size of stainless steel gear style clamp. The first thing you want to do is take a look at our spring clamp, it has a rust and corrosion resistant, zinc plated finish and it’s made from tempered or heat treatedsteel that gives it spring qualities. Constant tension clamps are an excellent choice for fuel lines. The constant tension feature allows the clamp to maintain tension even though temperature changes cause the diameter of the tubing to change. The result is constant clamping pressure and a good seal.

Product Details

When it comes to buying clamps, you want to pay attention to the outside diameter of the tubing. For example, the typical 1/4 inch I.D. (inside diameter of the fuel line) has an  outside diameter is roughly 12 mm. What that means is that you want to get a clamp that’s slightly smaller than that outside diameter. If the outside diameter of the tube is roughly 12 mm and you have a 11 to13 mm clamp it is not going to able to fit it on there.But, that’s not important because you can easily expand the clamp. By squeezing the clamp’s ears you can increase the inside diameter and now it will fit easily over a12 mm tube. When you release the pressure on the ears it applies pressure and seals the connection. To remove the clamp you just reverse the process, squeeze the ears together and the clamp slides right off. One point we’d like to make is that the size of each clamp is printed right on the clamp’s ear.

Now we move on to our compression clamp and this clamp requires a slotted screwdriver to loosen and tighten. Like the spring clamp this also has a fixed range of adjustment and just like the spring clamp this is the reason it’s critically important to measure the application, which means the outside diameter of the tubing so that you get the correct size clamp. For example, our #887clamp has a range of 14 to 16 mm and this clamp would not be the correct clamp to use on a12mmOD fuel line as there would be a lot of extra slop and there’s no way you could tighten it down enough to take up the difference. What that means for this application is that you need our #88511 to 13 mm clamp and it will fit just a little bit snug. If it fits and it moves around once we have it in place we can easily tighten it with a screwdriver, just a few turns and the clamp will do its job. It is an excellent clamp if you look inside, you’ll see it has a reinforcing curved shoe that protects the tubing,the tube applies exactly the same pressure all the way around and there are no parts of this clamp that are going to dig into the tubing.

Now we come to Tech Team’s #889 stainless steel gear clamp. Those other clamps are so good and you might wonder why somebody would use a gear clamp. Well, there are many reasons. First, it’s made from stainless steel so it’ll provide a long service life, going beyond that, it has a wide range of adjustment. This clamp can adjust from as small as 6mm up to 16 mm. That means if you’re unsure of the size of your tubing or you have multiple sizes of tubing this clamp is still going to get the job done for you. These clamps require either a slot or a Phillips screwdriver to open and close them. Unlike the constant tension clamp and the spring clamp, this clamp can be opened all the way.The mini clamp and the spring clamp must be put over the end of the tubing. This means you have to put it on before you fit the tubing to the fitting. With the gear clamp,since you can open it up, everything can be all put together and then you can add the clamp later because it can open up and go around the tubing and then it’s just a matter of tightening it and you’re good to go.

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