#00834 – Single Flint Spark Striker, 2 Pieces

#00834 – Single Flint Spark Striker, 2 Pieces

Single Flint Spark Striker 2 Pack, Gas Welding, Cutting, Brazing, Joining, Oxy Acetylene, Set Includes 2 Strikers, by Tech Team




The Tech Team Single Flint Spark Striker is ideal for lighting oxy-acetylene and other gas torches for cutting, welding, and brazing.  The spark striker has a simple operation; squeeze the handle, get a spark.  The striker will outlast the flint, so our flint is replaceable.  The pack includes two (2) strikers and two (2) flints.  Replacement flints sold separately.

Product Details

  • Light oxy-acetylene, and other gas torches quickly and effectively.
  • Simple operation.  Reliably produces bright orange sparks to effectively light oxy-acetylene and other gas torches.
  • Replaceable flints.
  • Set includes two (2) spark strikers.  Each spark striker comes with one (1) flint.

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